Open letter to Julius Malema’s EFF

Open letter to Julius Malema’s EFF

Economic Freedom Fighters commander in Chief, Julius Malema. Picture:

Dear Julius Malema and the Central Command Team of the Economic Freedom Fighters.


This year I’m turning 22 and I’m ecstatic over the fact that I’m going to vote in the country’s upcoming general elections. It’s going to be my first time voting and yes, as an eligible voter, I am registered to vote.


As a journalist, I could be putting my career in jeopardy by divulging this. Nonetheless, today, Wednesday 19 February 2014, I want to make it explicit that my vote will go to the EFF. Like millions of South Africans, I also have faith in the party. I believe that Economic Freedom Fighters is the only party (and please take a considerable note of the word “only”) that can bring about true political, social and economic freedom in our life time.


EFF heavyweights of the likes of esteemed Mbuyiseni Ndlozi who happened to be my second year politics tutor at Wits University, Andile Mngxitama whose readings inspire me a lot, Floyd Shivambu, Dali Mpofu and many others are the reason I have faith in the organisation.


Many things have been said about the EFF Commander in Chief Julius Malema in the media. They say he’s corrupt, anarchist, militant, liar, authoritarian, racist, but despite all the allegations, I’m vehement my vote goes to no party but the EFF.


I’m not expecting all people to agree with me. But we can certainly agree on one thing, to disagree. But from my perspective as an African child who grew up in a rural area, I agree with at least 90% of the things that the EFF stands for. I can relate to Malema’s sentiments; and because of that, my vote is not a secret. At least for now it goes to the EFF.


Can I make it clear that is not inevitable that the EFF will always get my vote. The decision of whether I continue voting for the party going forward or not will depend solely on the party’s performance in the coming few years. Meaning it is up to the EFF to maintain its worthiness to me.

I have the jurisdiction to withdraw my vote, the same way I have the authority to continue voting the EFF. But from the bottom of my heart, I pray that the EFF does not disappoint. I hate to make mistakes in my life- Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo


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  1. Malema you are doing good what we want our land even nw hear in marikana we are sufaring we are going to vote for you bra don’t leav this president must go to jail is deficult for him to answer us tax is killing us why are we supousrd to work for president?after he eat the public mobey? If they not change the president lock him trow away keys anc must forgert.only party can make important thing is udm and eff only in this world,while we don’t knw guys is just after become press you steal money and buil limpompo make your own place firght lemas firght is better to firght for blacks estead of stealing mone phambili lemas

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