Timeline: The Rise and fall of diva Kelly Khumalo.

Timeline of the Rise and fall of diva Kelly Khumalo

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo.

Kelly Khumalo has seen it all- the hit maker of Qinisela, once dubbed the “it girl of Mzansi”, the virginity saga, legal woes with former manager, Sarah Setlaelo, failed relationship with Prosper Mkwaiwa, drug addict, abusive relationship with Jub Jub, SAMA award winner, spent night in prison holding cells for assault, called a “home wrecker”, impregnated by married Senzo and then got dumped a few weeks away from giving birth, clearly Kelly Khumalo’s story has all the ingredients needed for an award winning movie.

Despite all the controversies surrounding her, there’s one thing clear about Kelly- she is a talented singer, no doubt and question about that. However, another thing that is also apparent about Ms Khumalo is that her name is synonymous to scandal.

Her previous three famous relationships all ended in agony. It is an open secret that her relationships with Prosper, Jub Jub and Senzo where all sparked by constant scandals and some ended in exchanged fist fights.

In the early 2000’s Kelly was a force to be reckoned with. Everyone wanted a piece of her. Music show producers wanted Kelly on their programmes to raise the ratings. She was booked to A-list functions and her plug tracks dominated the airwaves while topping the charts.

But only few years down the line all was gone, right under her feet. Her relationship with convicted murderer Jub Jub has had a very negative impact on her career. The star treatment she previously received was all gone. There was a different use of tone in the media when reporting about her. From being the “young successful Kelly” to “the sad face of Kelly” who has found solace in drugs, that’s how messed up things were for her.

But luckily, Kelly got another chance to prove herself and indeed she grabbed it with both hands. With the help of Sarah Setlaelo, Melinda Ferguson, sister and her other friends, she was able to find her true self again. Soon thereafter she won the “Best Female Award” at the 2013 SAMA awards. She sang the “I am a changed woman” hymn and people bought the story because she seemed determined to fix her past mistakes.

However, it wasn’t long before the old scandalous Kelly started creeping out of the closet. She dated Senzo Meyiwa who was married to Mandisa, even though one might be quick to jump and say it was not Kelly’s fault that Senzo lied about his marital status. But subsequent to her realizing that Senzo was married miss Khumalo did not see it as an invitation enough to pack her bags and leave the relationship. Instead, she practiced her kung-fu skills on Mandisa and apparently told her to “stay away from my man”.

Few days down the line, the Police went on a search for Kelly and thereafter came prison saga and a week or two after that, it emerged that Kelly was Pregnant with Senzo’s child. Hardly 5 months after that, Senzo tells Kelly to stay away as he’s going back to his wife Mandisa because he could not stand her prima donna antics, the media reported.

Will Kelly Khumalo survive this storm? She got the second chance to correct her mistakes and without any reasonable doubt she blew it away. Will she get a third chance? Will we see her pillar of strength, Sarah Setlaelo, coming to her rescue again? Over and above, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Senzo will help her raise the innocent child.


Article first published on 11 February 2014.


3 responses

  1. I feel sorry for kellys life at present.i wish she becomes strong & be focused.

  2. and now SENZO is no more ijoo

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