The curse of being dark skinned.

The curse of being dark skinned.

Post 1994, Black people in South Africa are still treated harshly against their white counterparts. Black people have to take to streets and protest to get basic service delivery such as housing, roads, water and electricity, hospitals, schools et al. Many black people have been killed by police in protests and to add salt to would, they are treated like foreigners in their own country.

Caution: Thought provoking by Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo.

In South Africa, the beautiful country of my origin, being black is a crime; a curse and a sin to be precise. People who are dark skinned are usually primary suspects in cases of malicious actions such as witchcraft, theft, drug dealing, human trafficking and many other forms of crime. Simply put, people are being victimized by virtue of their dark skin colour.

Because of colonialism and apartheid regimes that placed black people at the bottom of pyramid against their White, Coloured and Indian counterparts, black people are still treated as thugs, witches, cannibals et al in democratic South Africa.

Whether people like to hear it or not, a white man is an epitome of anything and everything great, at least in my country. White people can’t be thugs, they can’t steal, they are angels, they should lead and black people, by contrast, should follow the orders of a great white man.

Even in situations whereby a black man is a leader to a white man, it seems is the other way around. In companies, black people are often overlooked when it comes to promotions of key company positions. Should you wish to mistaken me for racism, please do, but like Andile Mngxitama says, it’s a “frank talk”.

But the issues that I’ve highlighted above are nothing compared to the daily trauma and harassment that dark skinned people face on a daily basis. They are being treated like foreigners in their own motherland.

I was so taken aback to learn how ghastly dark skinned people are treated at Johannesburg CBD Park Station. To save yourself from the wrath and brutality of the South African Police Services, you need to carry Identity Document with you as prove of citizenship- isn’t this apartheid in disguise? No one should even attempt to justify this malicious action, why is it predominantly dark skinned people that are targeted?

My poor fellow South Africans would be cross examined, asked stupid questions and if they have bags with them, the police would untidy the bags and leave them as is. Hey! People are being traumatized for being dark skinned.

But interestingly, I never saw the police officers doing the same to white people. May I kindly remind the police that not all white people in South Africa have South African ID documents? I should not be mistaken for suggesting that white people should be victimized, no. My argument is that if you cross examine black people about their citizenship, why not also do the same to white people?


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