People laugh off government’s proposal to curb alcohol abuse.

People laugh off government’s proposal to curb alcohol abuse.

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka

According to reports, the South African government is proposing a new act that will regulate the sale of alcohol. This new act will make it difficult for people to buy a large amount of alcohol.

“People will be given condoms when buying a certain
amount of alcohol”, the Daily Sun reported.

Alcohol drinkers are also alerted of long queues before sales of alcohol can go through.

“People will also be asked to fill in forms with their personal details and a reason when buying large amount of alcohol.”

Under this new law, individuals who already appear tipsy will not be allowed to buy any more alcohol.

“People who already appear drunk will not be allowed to buy”, the Daily Sun said.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka says:

It is no secret that alcohol abuse is rife in South Africa. In most cases, domestic abuse, unplanned pregnancy, death et al, are caused by excessive drinking, therefore it is within the government’s right to come up with solutions that will at least help to reduce the consumption of alcohol.

But what I’ve noticed is that in South Africa it is impossible, or rather difficult to discourage people to consume alcohol. The fact that our taverns close at 02:00 AM does not encourage people to go to taverns at all, or even buy and drink alcohols with friends at home.

The banning of alcohol advertising in the traditional media will not make people less informed about the product they love so dearly. Plus, there’s alternative media of the likes of twitter, Facebook that has to a large extent used as a marketing tool.

Back to the new proposal, when people will be asked to fill in their personal details, how are they going to verify that the details provided are correct? Or will the people be asked to show their identity documents? Let’s hope many people won’t lose their id’s.

Many people took to facebook to express their views:

“They should focus on banning e-tolls and not making new (anti-alcohol) laws”

“Do you know how much chaos it will cause to deny a drunk person alcohol?”

“Denying a drunk person alcohol? Talk about world war 3. I’d love to see that”

“Beer is not the problem but the brain of people who consume it.”

“Why don’t they give them bible when buying alcohol?”

“The condom wise will benefit us”

“Condoms for what? To buy booze does not mean I’m going to have sex.”

“That’s not a bad idea”

“Bring that law. But remember you can take it to the water but you can’t force it to drink”

“They must decriminalize prostitution and allow brothels to operate like any normal lucrative business”

“That’s crazy. The law is very drunk”

And I couldn’t agree more. I don’t drink alcohol but this proposal is indeed very drunk. Thumb down, try something else.


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  1. i think this governments proposal to curb alcohol abuse i good i like the idea coz South Africa is getting out of control because of alcohol abuse,and so much bad things has happened because of alcohol abuse e.g like accidents,killings and ya i like the idea

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