Nonsense, Generations’ Akhona did not steal R17.90 packet of Panado.

Nonsense, Generations’ Akhona did not steal R17.90 packet of Panado.

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka

I know truth is not based on my instincts or how I feel regarding a particular issue, but I can bet with my life Maggie Benedict, former Generations actress, did not steal a packet of panado from Checkers.

I’m not Maggie’s accountant and neither I’m her financial adviser but I can confidently tell that she can afford not only one packet of Panado but many.

Maggie has worked hard to build her brand. Why, then, would she want to jeopardize her career and public image by stealing something worth less than R20?

Media 24 publications, Daily Sun, Sunday Sun and City Press in their quest to report about Maggie’s ‘shoplifting saga’ failed to provide the public with a balanced reporting and impartial account of reality.

Without speaking to Maggie to hear her side of story, the newspapers ran sensationalized articles aimed at painting Maggie a thief while discrediting her.



The Daily Sun and its sister publication reported that “… allegedly stole a small packet of Panados (125g).”

Stole? Really, how sure are we? How about “allegedly took a small packet of Panados (125g) by a mistake?”

Not every Tom and Dick can afford to buy from Checkers. The fact that Maggie went to shop from that store already proves she has money and can afford to pay for a packet of Panado.

What if it was a cashier’s mistake?

Or maybe Maggie was answering her phone and mistakenly put back the phone and a packet of Panado in the bag without realizing or something like that?

Mistakes do happen, real thieves don’t steal Panados.

Maybe is because of my soft spot when it comes to Maggie but from where I’m sitting, in the comfort of my double bed, I don’t think Maggie stole anything. It was just a misunderstanding.


Just like me and you, Maggie too is a human being and mistakes do happen. Instead of treating her like a serial thief, we should rather seek to understand what really happened before jumping to conclusions.


I would really like to apologize to her for the manner in which she was treated. Whether people like to hear it or not, Maggie is very talented and I would like to urge her to stay strong and let this not ruin her career and reputation.


Motho! I’m behind you all the way.


23 responses

  1. Maggie Benedict is a brand,i dnt think she would do something so petty to ruin that, it was a little misunderstanding selonyana sa less thn R20.

  2. Maggie ddnt steal it’s a a major mistake happened thou.bad news travels faster but good news take s long way…… OK am sure the enemies are celebrating

  3. I also don’t think she stole the damn Panados it was just a mistake Motho, c that’s what happenes when u have people like Zodwa as ur enermy, now she’s out to destroy her carrer


  5. sorry ,maggie, bad news travel faster than good news, i beleive it was a mistake because i also experienced that kind of mistake when i just walk out of the filling station unintentionally without paying for a 2lt of coke, but it was understood, simply because i am not a celebrity, but if i were a celebrity i would face the same difficuly as you have. but be courageous and strong.

  6. i think motho(Maggie) did stole those panado’s, but just because she is a celeb then people try to cover it,you might have money but temptations do happen,it sometimes happens that you go to the malls/shops and you discover late that you dont have any cash with you

  7. Tsholofelo Phiri | Reply

    Whether u did it or not God is with u ma dear sister,a ka se lahle ngwana wa gae!

  8. Are u on a for reals right now? Nah like that’s not cool hey… People must just stop hey!!!!!

  9. shamiey dzungudza | Reply

    most zimboz hu r also real generations fanz r behind u maggie…, ur enemies r @ work, t must hev bn a misunderstanding or a setup or smthn else but i don thnk she stole…all the best on the trials…

  10. Maggie keep the good work up,dont let other people jeopardize you, u are a legend /role model i mean a small packet of panado dats a big NO.

  11. Ncedo knowledge nxumalo | Reply

    I agree wt u thobile

  12. Ya these things happen. I also dont believe

  13. cecelia if you know Maggie you would’nt have right this nonsence about her like yoy just did, and ya celeb’s are not perfect they can make mistakes, but Maggie stealing – oh leka no, i dont believe that-its just a stupid misunderstanding and a damn leka scoop for the media

  14. Akhona never iwas big mistaken

  15. That’s nonsense, she didn’t do it. Meggie you are a superstar, keep up your good work, never mind about people who talk about you, just be concern about people who talk to you.

  16. to prove that akhona is innocent they should verify if the panado that they assume she stole can be read on the retail shop where she did her shopping to verify if that barcode matches onto their system and to determinewhether it cae from aother shop

  17. determine whether it came from that shop because all products must be scanned onto a system with the same barcode before it is available to the consumer

  18. all products that are scanned onto the shops system belongs there

  19. n-gray +vimbai marimira | Reply

    Thats bullshit story thez noway she can do such nonsense .sori my sister vanhu vane majelous wena ramba wakashinga uzoba strong muthu. frm ur big zim fans

  20. Maggie my baby girl the truth is that incident was a mistake not stealing. My dear just don’t care about these nobodys you went to school people are jealous coz you have a life that is better than them. As for beauty they don’t know the defination just know you are a beauty in some folks. Leave the dull people and their self claimed beauty. You are yourself and all these danda heads haven’t tasted your life that’s why they find names for you!

  21. Florence Tjirimuje | Reply

    maggie didnt steal those panados, she is not a thief at all and all those ar being done to tanish her image, you are a star Akona, prove those fools wrong and i know u can, be strong……. florence Tjirimuje your no 1 fan

  22. All lies she cant do such a thing

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