Kelly Khumalo vs Slizer: Who sexualize music?

Kelly Khumalo vs Slizer: Who sexualize music?

Slizer raises eye brows with her recent video, Diwewewe. Slizer is popular among small kids who look up to her as their role model.

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka

Let me set the record clear from the offset, it was never my intention to write about Kelly Khumalo, Slizer was my only subject. But of course that was before my companion from Botswana made me see things the other way around.

Before I could turn to my blog to complain about Slizer’s exotic video, Diwewewe, I took to facebook to express my feelings. I wrote “Can someone please stop Botswana’s Slizer in Diwewewe?”

If you are able to analyze critically, you’ll see from my post that I reject Slizer’s Diwewewe. I don’t think there’s anything positive to learn from the video except for twerks and prostitutes who may wish to advance their exotic moves.

However, it wasn’t long before one of my facebook friends from Botswana counter attacked and said “Uhu, ke eng lona le sa emise Kelly Khumalo? Emisang diopedi tsa lona pele”.

Simply put, the comment says what’s with us, the South Africans. Why don’t we start by calling our very own Kelly Khumalo to order before crossing the border to complain about Slizer? We should deal with our own artists first and then we can start meddling our noses in the businesses of artists from outside our geographic borders.

He has a very good point. If I’m very much concerned about Slizer sexualizing her music as I claim, I should first start by scrutinizing our own artists. Kelly Khumalo, in particular, has had many scandals that could take days to count.

In the early days of her musical career, Kelly was embroiled in the virginity saga, hence the branding “the virgin Kelly”. In one of her performances, Kelly Khumalo apparently appeared on stage wearing a mini skirt without underwear.

In a picture taken while dancing on stage, Kelly is captured without underwear and what could be interpreted as her private part is clearly displayed. Because it may seem very inappropriate and unlike A re di fefere, I would not post the picture on the blog.

Artists such as Mshoza who just turned ‘white’ through skin bleaching, Khanyi Mbau whose music career ended before she could even sell 7 CDs and Khabonina Qubeka all came under fire for their out of this world exotic dance moves in public.

Slizer, dubbed “Botswana’s best female dancer” is not innocent at all. But let the truth be told, Slizer, like her counterpart Kellly Khumalo, can sing. There’s no doubt or question about that.

I have watched many of her videos and I can confidently say Slizer can sing and dance. She has had many great songs before and when watching her previous videos, you could see that Slizer relies on sexual and exotic dance moves to give her songs rhythm.

But in the Diwewewe video Slizer has outdone herself. I don’t think I will feel free to watch the video with my family. In fact, I won’t even buy it even if they say is 10c. What’s the point of buying something that I won’t feel free to watch with my family?

People expressed mixed reactions in relation to the video but more than 70% gave a video a thumb down.

“crayz dance lol”, “I like the first album you were very decent ..”, “For this song I will give you a 0”, “Lady gaga”, “botswana’s best????”, “You go, Slizer!”, “will give her a minus zero -0”, “matheka ao mosadi…”, “0%-music 100%-porn”, “she is the best i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove her”, “wat does diwewewe mean”, “Boa noite e boa musica” the comments read.

I agree with the comment that says Slizer used to have decent videos in the past but with this one, aike, a very big no! Don’t get me wrong, the song is very nice, I like it. I like the part when she says “jwane ke e tshentshela ko Setswaneng. Amakure, kure-kure”

In one of her early songs Slizer painted herself the godmother of all the children in Botswana. She said “Ga le mpona le mpitse mma bana. Lesang bana ba tleng gonna”. Now I wonder what those kids will say when they see their role model dancing for Diwewewe. Because the song great, I would rather buy a CD and not a DVD, sorry Diwewewe.

And by the way, I watched the video on You Tube. The video was uploaded on Africa day, 25 May 2013 and by the time of publishing this article, the video recorded at least 19 875 views, 19 likes and only 5 dislikes.

“Ke sekgantswane sa Botswana, sa Afrika.” To watch the video click here:


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