Ladies, keep your pads to yourself.

Ladies, keep your pads to yourself.

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka.

NO! This is nonsensical and should be condemned without any fear and favour.

It’s about time someone gain courage and remind SOME ladies who engage in unacceptable habit of dumping their used sanitary towels everywhere they wish. I would like to ask such woman what happened to self-respect?

It is no secret that pads are used by women. Well, at least according my understanding pads are made for women’s use when they go on a menstruation cycle. Therefore, when I see a used pad in the street, I blame women for that. The same way I will blame men if I see a used male condom dumped in the street.

Whether people like to hear it or not, it is a man’s responsibility to wrap up a used condom with a toilet paper after the sexual activity and flash it in a toilet, as simple as that. But before you do that, you first use a cloth to clean up your penis (I’m liberal. I say things as are) because if you use a toilet paper it will stick onto your penis and getting it off will be a mission, and could even hurt because your glans will be very sensitive. It doesn’t even take a minute so finish this process.

But for men who come from the same background as me where flashing toilets are luxurious, I would advise them to take it to a ‘dig-up-hole-toilet’ early in the morning if they had sex at night. What? Is not a taboo to have sex during the day.

Anyway, back to the main issue, it is against my culture to see a used pads laying around. People who believe in superstitions argue that witches can use your pads (menstruation) to make you not have babies in future.

The same way with people who dump their babies nappies around, pro-superstition believers maintain that witches use a used nappy to kill your baby.

Mmm, some things though, I just happen to find them funny. Anyway, irregardless of what traditional doctors say, and what witches may or may not do, it is unacceptable to dump nappies and pads around because it is UNHYGIENIC!

Just think of the air that we’ll breath if everywhere we go we are greeted by such nonsenses; pads, condoms and nappies. Haven’t people heard of something called “air pollution”. There’s a dumping spot for a reason.

I haven’t seen people washing condoms and pads, but I certainly have seen people washing disposal nappies and when they get dry, they burn them. Perfect, that’s a nice, don’t you think?
Ba re pula e tla, e tla na bjang, ruri!


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