Teboho Framed Chief Azwindini?

Teboho Framed Chief Azwindini?

After Muvhango’s Chief Azwindini was hailed the primary suspect in the killing of psycho Mongezi Zwane, Twitter and Facebook went abuzz with people claiming Mrs Teboho Mukwevho is behind the killing. Of course I quickly brushed off the allegations as nothing but a means by Thandaza’s loyalists to blame Teboho with anything and everything sinister.



Maybe is because I failed to understand how Teboho could have killed Mongezi. It didn’t make any sense to me. Why would Teboho want to get rid of Mongezi, for what, I asked myself without finding answers to my questions but because it was not a pressing issue for me at that time, I flipped my hand and left it as is and continued fefering other issues.

But today, Tuesday 29 October 2013, I’m starting to think that people who charged Teboho as being responsible for Mongezi’s death may have been predicting a reality. One thing for sure about Teboho is that she’s power hungry and influence excites her.

As for a killer, she’s not. Yes, she shot Thandaza but we need to understand the context and what was happening at that point of time. Thandaza pushed Teboho too far and at one point threatened to take Morena away from her.

Clearly she wasn’t thinking straight and the fear of losing her only son who means a lot to her sparked and the only solution to her problems was to get rid of Thandaza, at least that’s what she may have thought.

There is enough evidence to suggest that Teboho does not have the necessary resources to challenge Thandaza in court but with Thandaza six feet under, Teboho will emerge victorious. Ranthumeng may have been another reason that forced Teboho to resent Thandaza.

Mmm, I think I’m overly protecting Teboho now. But anyway, my big head fails to link Teboho to the shooting of Mongezi. I think Mongezi was shot by whoever that shot him and it happened that Azwindini took a fall for that and like any other person concerned with power, Teboho saw it as a perfect platform to run anti-Azwindini machinery by discrediting him to the police while canvassing for Mulalo to take over the reigns as the Chief and leader of the Mukwevho kraal.

I fail to understand where and how Teboho saw Mongezi and killed him, how and where she got hold of the pistol. But with Teboho, you’ll never know; anything is possible with this soft spoken woman.

BUT if she was able to shoot Thandaza and the CCTV footage of a multi-million listed company failed to capture her yellow dress and at the same time faked to have been in Lesotho at the time of shooting, then everything is possible with her. Killing Mongezi is nothing!

Wow! What a good actress. I wish her all the best of luck with her nominee and my fingers are crossed that she win in the “outstanding newcomer” category at the Royalty soapie awards.
Picture: City Press online


11 responses

  1. i think she frame azwindini so that mulalo can be the next chief

  2. I think she’s the one who is responsible for Mongezi, s death so that Mulalo can take over Azwindini, s reign/chieftaincy

  3. I think tshianeo killed mongezi.why on earth would she force the chief to plead guilty?she was so furious when she found out whta mongezi did.some broken hearted people do crazy things out there,but the question is: why would she frame her brother or let him rot in jail?she sold her brother at court.

  4. I think tshianeo killed mongezi.why on earth would she force the chief to plea guilty?she was so furious when she found out what mongezi did.some broken hearted people do crazy things out there,but the question is: why would she frame her brother or let him rot in jail?she sold her brother out at court.tshianeo doesn’t want the family to make Nenzhelele crazy again.these soapies always tend to make us think the first suspect is the 1 whereas it aint true.thy just trying 2 confuss us with tebogo…but then again,if its tebogo then the truth about what she did to thandaza will finally be out.but why would the ancestors leave the Tebogo-Thandaza issue?

  5. I think that Tebogo killed Dr Zwane because she wants Mulalo to be the Chief after Azwindini is behind bars. I think she did that on purpose. Tebogo is to be blamed for the death of a crazy Doctor.

  6. Tebogo is the one who killed mongezi

  7. I think Teboho is the reason behind the crazy doctor’s death bcoz she wanted Mulalo to take over as chief of Thate

  8. Tebogo she’s de one who killed de crazy doctor Mongezi

  9. teboho is da one hu killed dr zwane inorder for mulalo to take over to da chieftaincy

  10. Tobego she can act ,i think Tebogo she kill mogezi with vhafhuwi s gun coz vhafhufi once explain to her that he also have a gun but he never use it ,and wen they go to search for mogezi she was at vhafuwi s house ,yoo i cant wait for her to be expose

  11. Tebogo she s the one who kills mogezi caz vhafuwi he s not a killer

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