Generations Khethiwe and Ntombi kiss goodbye their marriages.

Generations Khethiwe and resigned Ntombi go head-to-head, AGAIN!

Winnie Modise and Sonia Sedibe are reportedly heading for divorce with their husbands.

Almost 7 years ago, all the spotlight was on them when the television darlings announced that they will be marrying their sweethearts on the same day. But today, around the same time, AGAIN, the television stars are reportedly kissing goodbye their marriages, reports Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo.

Winnie Modise and Sonia Sedibe, current and resigned Generations’ actors, respectively, have a lot in common. Their story has all the spices required for an award winning daily soapie, if not a romantic movie with a sad ending of all seasons.

Almost 7 years ago when the two walked down the aisle with their heartthrob husbands, rumor started doing the rounds that Winnie and Sonia are not seeing eye to eye.

This after the two, despite being colleagues at Generations at the time of their weddings, chose the same date for their big days.

As reported, the announcement that Winnie and Sonia will marry on the same day brought about two factions at the Generations studios, with one camp supporting Winnie and the other declaring interest in attending Sonia’s wedding.

That was not all, in fact, not even half of the full story. The actresses were also battling for the media’s attention to attend their weddings.

But today, coincidentally, the two actresses are reported to be going through divorce. With Winnie, it’s a done deal! It has been confirmed that Thabo and her are no longer an item and the soapie royalty awards pioneer has since been linked to a top KZN politician, an allegation she strongly dismissed as a blatant lie.

Dominating the media’s headlines at the current stage is news of Sonia and her husband Lesley Sedibe heading up for divorce. According to the media report, speculation is rife that both Sonia and Lesley have been cheating on each other.

Allegations of abuse and wanting to control his wife, and Sonia posing for pictures without her lavish wedding ring on her finger have also being roped into the trouble in paradise scandal.

Winnie-Thabo marriage has produced at least one adorable baby while Sonia’s marriage to Lesley saw God blessing them with two kids.

Pictures: google report images.


43 responses

  1. Why did they divorce and did sonia leave generations

  2. Wow!!!

  3. Please guy don’t divorce for the sake of the kids

  4. Please guys don’t divorce for the sake of the kids

  5. I find it very strange to believe a beautiful face with an innocent look can be associated such cheap behavior I mean cheating destroys your dignity sonia .I do understand that u are human but the problem is your picture your name your dignity your kids at school don’t carry that weight of being Sonias pride .I am not saying your husband is innocent even if u started first but sonia it is a woman with morals who leads her children to be a great nation .you want to raise angry children this goes to your husband too please if your children mean anything to you as mother you will reconsider your actions both of you . If you guys can sort things out and forget about what you can afford without the other partner and think about the kids and the trauma of being told how bad your father or mother is or of being left with your aunt coz your mother is going out to enjoy herself with another man and who is going to help you to sleep who is going to cover you when my blanket falls off whom is going to comfort me when I get a dream .Now I’m going to picked up by who tomorrow at school ,You guys are not getting any please please please please don’t do it bcoz no one will be crowned a champion between you two but your kids will be destroyed by you

  6. Sonia. Ngiphoxeke kakhulu ngesenzo sokulwa kwakho nesisebenzi sakho. Empilweni yazi ukuthi izandla aziwona amaribbons. Nami bengizophindisela uma bewungishaya, ukuthi ungumqashi akukuphi igunya lokushaya umqashwa kanjalo nakumqashwa. Ngiyethemba amaphutha enu niyawabona. Ikakhulu wena njengoba usufaka indandatho nezimpahla zakho egunjini lomqashwa ukuze uqinise amaphuzu ecala olenzile. Ngingathokoza uma ungathola emoyeni wakho ukuthethelela. Kubuhlungu ngempela loku okwenzakele, inzwabethi iyahlupha, futhi angisiboni nesizathu sokuthi kungani umqashwa ebengafanele acimbize ekubeni bekesemcimbini. Nengane yakho oyiyeka ngomese ingakuxaki ngezinye izikhathi. Nami ngangiqashwe ngumuntu ompisholo okwathi uma engasangifuni wathi ngintshontshile wabiza amaphoyisa angithatha ngemoto aya nami ekhaya afika aphikitha angathola lutho kodwa ngalala ejele. Ngakusasa wawithdrawer icala. Kunamhlanje ngiyesaba ukuqashwa ngumqashi ompisholo. Ngagcina ukusebenza ngo 1993. Kodwa uJEHOVA emuhle ngikwazile ukusa izingane esikoleni .

  7. I cant be the judge of your decisions guys ,is just that i loved seeing you as the role models of the nation .What ever that pushed you to this stage ,may God grand you peace all the way.

  8. yo sonia you were my role model but the way you do things now it breaks my heart bcos since i started seeing you on television i used to love you so much even the time you get married with Lesley i was happy for you guys wish you can work things out both of you for the sake of the kids also respect each other as for you sonia your the women leave a life that will please God, read Ephisians 5:21-33

  9. khethiwe yehlisa ophuzweni, Sonia funda ukuzehlesa futhi uthobele umyeni wakho, lpkho kuyokwenza uhlale njalo emshadweni wakho


  10. I have lost trust in love, I always regard your this marriage as a good example amongst celebrity marriage. you guys you were never in lime light I always see both of you humbled and down to earth.

  11. No comment so embarrasing really

  12. why now Winnie ? Yhoo Bhuti lesley Yiza ngapha xa ungafunwa ,uyaphapha ngoku khethiwe

  13. Ubufebe buyinkinga xem bajaha izinto abangeke bazmele.ukuth indoda iyaqonywa akush ukuth qoma nawe…ubufebe nje lobu.ngilunge ngizthandanela nobaba wengan yam ongena mali ngoba uthando lwemali alulasti

    1. That is so embarassing coming from a woman! I don’t have words! lowobaba wengane yakho ongenamali uthole nokuthi unomakhwapheni.

    2. You should be ashamed of yourself for judging another woman,we go through lot of things as woman and we should atleast try to support one another.You actually sound cheap yourself!

      1. Well said Sisters…Sisters should stand together for the sake of our children!!!

  14. God is still on the throne, all you need to do is to go back on your creator the Alpha and the Omega of your life. Nothing is impossible if you acknowledge Him don’t leave Him outside of this situation. Both of you go down on your knees and ask for forgiveness, He loves you dearly and remember everything is transparent to Him, so you can’t lie both of you, because He knows the truth anyway. Remember you accepted Him as your Lord and personal saviour, so consider that all the time. Make sure that you take church (your body) where God will be pleased to see it, so that His name can be glorified. I love you both beautiful couple and I will always do. Please saints, don’t allow situation like these to destroy your marriage.

  15. I’m very disapointed in these women.They used to be my role models.But their behaviour is so embarrasing I know we all make mistakes I cnt judge them.How are they gona explain all this to their own children?

  16. umshado wakwamuhle awunazimpande kodwa umshado wasekhaya lapho kunezimpande khona ngoba umfazi uthelwa ngenyongo ashicilelwe emabhukwini omndeni walapho egane khona hhayi indaba yokutetemuka emugwaqeni nibukwa yizwe lonke,fihlani izinkinga zenu emizini yenu ningahambi nibukwa yizwe lonke nezicathulo ezinde ezithi umendo do umendo do

  17. Any of you dont really know what happened, but abuse i dont think i will ever stand for …
    Some man just want to control while they are busy cheating.
    Maybe most of you aint married and cant blame
    Who said Sonia was cheating? have you ever caugh her with another man.

    1. So true indeed, I could see that these woman they never been in a marriage because if they did? they would never been so judgmental!! please don’t talk about what you don’t know…you don’t know what pushed these two woman to where they are today – am talking from a point of being a married woman for 13years with beautiful 2 kids, being in a lonely and abusing marriage for this long is because of people who talks and judges like you…let them live their life’s and take decisions for their future. once a good friend of mine said to me ” an abusive relationship is not good for the children, do the right thing because things are not going to change unless you do something. Don’t let a man take everything from you to the point where you don’t know who you are” from that day I was so blessed by her advise because she did help me find my self and to be free from the monster I called my husband for 13years!! you lose your self and you lose your strength to connect with the higher power So…Pls don’t judge!!! let it be, you are not walking in their shoes.

  18. I never believed in staying in a loveless relationship for “the sake of children”. I bliv that creates an unfair situation of having to sacrifice ur happiness, therefore transferring tht negative vibe to the kids, in turn creating a bad parenting pattern. Happy parents raise happy kids, and doesn’t matter where happiness is acquired. Ur kids will always b ur kids regardless of whether parents R together or not. I guess what im trying to say is in the words of Dobbie Grey ‘ let go, its not worth it if it hurts you’. Of coz we nid to try an work of our relationships for the sake of all involved, bt if it doesn’t work – cut ur loses and move on. It probably wasn’t meant to b. Gud luck ladies, and may U find tru happiness;)

  19. I really don’t know what is embarrassing when a woman gets a divorce; for real because it happens everyday and its even better before someone gets killed and the kids are left alone without both parents…getting a divorce it does not mean you are now enemies, if a marriage it does not work? it doesn’t work and no one can force it to work!!!

  20. I just hope you guys can work out your differences!!!God may help you to make good decisions.No body is perfect we are all learners.

  21. Winne nt u mi sister

  22. Hay ladies pls yekela uma ubona kuthi kuyambeda thini singakhuluma ngedlela yethu.kodwa kusha wena endlini

  23. This is not the first divorce and is not the last one either. People must stop making noise as if is something new.

  24. Woman of today are very much used to abuse; That is why they confuse Love with Last…we stand for abusive man because we think that when a man beat u up, that means he loves you. a lot of married woman are dying of HIV AIDS because of being scared to leave…because of these same woman who are so judgmental, you judge because its not happening to for now. we were supposed to be standing together as woman to fight the abuse of woman and children. an abuse its in many forms e.g physical, mental, sexual and verbal. We raise children in broken homes because of holding on, on this tittle of being a married woman.
    I will rather chose to be a single parent and raise my children with morals and respect…there is always two side of the story and we don’t have to call these both ladies names because they chose divorce as a right way to do for themselves. STOP JUDGING AND NAMES CALLING!! check yourself where you stand in your life before u point a figure because the other three they are pointing at you…

    1. Silent how can I get hold of u?need advise on sumthng

      1. Oh Nikiwe, you can leave your details and I will contact you dear…

  25. In a marriage no one is supposed to be disrespected. Both the man and the wife are expected to respect each other because there is no door mat there. Just like love. The bible commands husbands to love but that does not mean the woman should not love. Respect is mutual. And this woman are not the only ones responsible for failure of their marriages. The man are equally responsible. Once there is begger in marriage then the begger is subjected to abuse.

  26. Yhoooo I hate divorz

  27. bodadewethu, uma kubheda shiya phansi ningayenzi imistake yokubekezlela into oyibona kahle ukuthi ayilungi for the sake of the children. its your happiness at the end of the day sisuke singekho. Dont let othe pupil to hold your happiness in their hands hold it youself .Wish all the best God is always there!!!

  28. Kwaze kwanzim emhlabeni!

  29. My understanding about leadership especially in a marriage is that God has bestowed the authority( which comes with responsibility) in a husband to lead a family so that the may be order, but that does not mean
    a husband must abuse the power given to him by God. A husband is required to execute God’s mandate for
    marriage not his, otherwise he will lead the family to destruction, a leader must first lead himself before he can think of leading others & must submit to the higher authority before he can expect someone else to submit under his authority. How is a woman supposed to submit under a leadership that is not on par
    with God’s mandate. A husband must subject himself under God’s authority and everything else will fall into place. The secret lies with the leadership, if a woman is to submit to a husband a husband is also required to submit to God, then the will be order. God is love, if a husband submits to God, he will then lead his family with love & in turn he will be respected.

  30. Aw sadlula lesosikhathi lapho kumele ubekezele uzwa ukuthi uyasho, vele abanye besifazane become immune to abuse and they are submissive too, but one day , uzokubulala! money no money, ur happiness counts, God will grant u ur Husbands not abusers, musani sifazane ukududa isilisa sidlala ngathi! Nawe mawhlushwa ngeke ube nakuthula emoyeni ugcina usuyisilwi! lapho ke usufana naye!

  31. dnt b bullished ladies with a man pls.because we have kids no

  32. Cc othi kubhetele uhlale notatomntanakho noba akanamali,,,,,,,suythetha lento uythethao cz aulazi ingomso likuphathele ntoni,,,ungumntu ongumama nd umntu oyindoda uyafana nomnye plzzz dnt judge u knw nothing ngento ebangela ba devorce ba kutheni ,,,,if u dnt hv smthng bttr 2 cy jst zip ur mouth nd let abantu abane exp ba support dz 2ldyz

  33. He hasn’t seen or heard from you in a while, and he’ll start thinking fondly back to your past relationship.
    Don’t Take Your Ex Boyfriend’s Lack of Contact as a Sign of Rejection. Most adults have
    experienced a break up sometime during their life,
    and most of the time they just learn how to move on.

  34. When u love a person dat ur feeling an also when u decide to leave it ur only feeling, ppl must stop talking if they dnt have been in dis……………..

  35. you kw a marriage is a gift from god if u force to marry a woman or men by feelings your marriage wil never last bcos feelings are nt worth it along the way they desolve so easily that is why we end up experiencing which is called a does nt end feelings do end precisely nowadays people get married bcos of feelings.that is why we are having high divorces.nd at the end our children suffer bcos of ignorance of elias from pta

  36. We mc u gyz

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