Is this the end of the road for Muvhango’s Chief Azwindini?

Is this the end of the road for Muvhango's Chief Azwindini?

Has Muvhango‘s top brass Chief, Azwindini Mukwevho, reached his final journey with the soap opera- and will his biggest opponent and self-proclaimed rightful heir of the chieftaincy, the Boom! Boom! factor master KK Mulaudzi, also follow suit, asks Tilo ngwana Rashaka.

In August this year, the leading Sunday tabloid newspaper reported that Gabriel Temudzani, playing the role of polygamous Chief and leader of the Mukwevho kraal and Macdonald Ndou playing fashionista KK are likely to be cut off the Muvhango’s pay roll list citing the two have become big headed, arriving late for shootings and unprepared.

The “terrible twins“, as they have been branded, have allegedly caused a stir on set, paving their way to fall out of the producers’ favour and as a result, measures are in place to put the two on a “precautionary break.”

But today, according to Muvhango’s November teasers, “Pfuluwani, Susan and Tshianeo say a tearful goodbye to Azwindini” on Thursday 14. Following Azwindini’s departure, shrewd Vele will come creeping back into the royal family while Gizara nominates himself a regent in the absence of Azwindini.


‘The Greatest Pic of Lounde’: Azwindini Mukwevho played by Gabriel Temudzani. Pic Muvhango.

It was reported that Mulalo, who was once greeted as “the greatest pig of Lounde” will take over the chieftaincy after Azwindini and auditions have been held to cast a second wife for him.

Could this be proving correct such allegations? KK, one of the “terrible twins” duo brigade is not at the helm of Muvhango anymore. His company, Masase, went bankrupt and was bought by MC’s daunting CEO, Busani, played by Siyabonga Twala, whose future with the soapie is also uncertain after rumours started circulating that his three month contract has expired and will likely not to be renewed, instead the actor has signed a contract with growing e-tv Rhythm City.

Macdomald Ndou

The BOOM! BOOM! Factor: KK Mulaudzi played by Macdonald Ndou. Pic: Muvhango

On Sunday 08 September, Muvhango‘s spin doctor, Kgalema Eugene Mametse, was quoted in the newspaper confirming that Millicent Mothiba has been relegated to a mere call in actor, only called to report to work when needed.

“She’s not the only one. Other actors will also follow suit. But as for her leaving the soapie, that can’t be true,” Mametse was quoting as saying.

Other actors will also follow suit: Is Azwindini who’s been with the soapie for 13 years following suit? And will KK who was written off and brought back into the soapie due to massive public outcry also join him? Is this the begin of the said “precautionary break?” Could this be the end of the “terrible twins?”

Let’s wait to see how things will unfold. Muvhango airs every Monday-Thursday at 21:00 only on SABC 2.

Picture: google report image.


140 responses

  1. Vhafuwi must be back munhu loyi afanelaka ku huma is teboho, so whatever it is mr duma pls find a place in ya heart to 4give him,he rocks…………..

  2. Pls bring back Azwindini vhafuwi plssssssssssssssss

  3. adivhaho netshiya | Reply

    lets be onest what will muvhango be without azwindini liguluvhe la luonde and kk with his villan act

  4. Just bring back the chief Azwindini Mukwevho

  5. Plz bring azwindini on bord full time,we miss him he is the best n muvhango is in complite without him…i pray for him not to be senteced bcoz he does things for us

  6. Lots of love 2 pearl

  7. Please bring back the chief, soap is so bad without him

  8. I’m not sure exactly why but this website is
    loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem
    or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  9. Taking azwindini out is not a good idea

  10. Tshidiso Makoloka | Reply

    Mr duma Ndlovu can you please stay back and dlance how movhango will be without those 2 people on a play please mr duma find it in your hart to forgive and forget all thy did plSSS in the name GOD may thy find forgiveness.I love movhango and I don’t want to loss that love.

  11. Tshidiso makoloka | Reply

    Pls mr duma those 2 people rocks

  12. Peter Chifashu | Reply

    I’m a Zimbabwean. I lyk this soapie big tym bt I don’t think it wd be a good idea getting rid of Azwindini

  13. If KK and Azwindini are leaving, whose next on line, because it seems as if the axe is chopping everyone of our lovely actors + actresses we are losing them 1 by 1, so I won’t surprised if the Mukwebu shut down. Yoh!

  14. I js Lyk Muvhango

  15. I jst like muvhango

  16. Bring a ghost of Azwindini on the series, that man rocks

  17. mmboniseni eric munzhelele | Reply

    no no no no no i say noooo.y mara duma dlovu,if those two pple are not there in mubango,if cnt rock the way we knw.we agree an seee that bartie is nomore,but cry …..wt abt my sstr an bother.wt abt my mam?????

    duma plzzzz sty bck on.azwindini plz cz we are hrt by this thing.u.c last time wen he ws in.jail,nothng ws gud but luk now,evrythng its in if he go no 1 wll do the way we knw.aftr 8yrs ?bean in this part now u wana take him out?plzzz.

  18. mmboniseni eric munzhelele | Reply

    i lov mubango an acting wth all ma hrt.i act a tragedy drama an write,wen i act an c sm1 cry ,i feel happy,but i cry for.albet azwindini mukwebo

  19. I love da chief a lot

  20. I wish to be the greatese actor!

  21. I would like 2 be an Muvhango audition WOW

  22. Never say never muvhango rocks.

  23. whats going to happen about ranthumeng

  24. Uafhindula Lalamani | Reply

    Muvhango u do bora please bring back vhafuwi

  25. I wil neva watch muvhungo if thy dnt bring bk chief and mr suite

  26. yoooo I love kk with all my love spercial the wear silk thngs

  27. Please don’t let azwidini go whatever the issue is just sort it out duma ndlovu

  28. #chopper for univen?

  29. muvhango is sa no 1 een soapie

  30. im still waiting for the audition for new actor

  31. I like Movhango, if you taking these two its a wrong move. the soapy will never be the same without them.

  32. Mr Duma i think u should forgive them Muvhango will be boring without kk and Azwindini ca rivaleleni

  33. im not going to watch muvhango anymore,

  34. Mangu Elly Ellen | Reply

    It will be boring without chief A

  35. These days on muvhango,I’ll enjoy a week days!

  36. Hooo no! This sopie is getting down just bring khomotso back and thandaza plzz!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Portia Sunduza | Reply

    Loko se mi fambisa Vhafuwi (Azwindini) ahi nge he voni muvhango…. Vanhu lava va ngata yi vona i vantsongo ngopfu Na mina ni wela eka lava vangataka vanga ha yi voni….thats a bad Idea Mr Duma Ndlovu i think you are making a very Big mistake you should think twice before you conclude your decision

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