Ga-Mokgopo: Still waiting for a “better life for all.”

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka
Almost 20 years into a new democratic South Africa, the residents of Ga-Mokgopo village outside Mankweng in Polokwane have not yet reaped at least a quarter benefit of democracy.

The struggle for access to essential public services such as water and electricity for some, roads, quality public education with enough class rooms to accommodate all the learners and learning material, entertainment facilities and many others is unfortunately a reality.

Currently, almost half and quarter of the total residents have no access to water. The only means to access water is to buy from the few households that have borehole water.

With unemployment on a rise and crime recording a slight increment; and to top it all, inflation and the taxi fare keep increasing while the poor majority struggle to keep up with the expensive lifestyle.

The only high school in the village, Ramabu, is overcrowded with hundreds of learners both coming from within and neighboring communities. The school has only three classroom blocks with some classes allegedly having over fifty, sixty  learners. In many occasions, learners are obliged to share study material in groups.

The fourth block remains unfinished. It’s been like that for over a decade. Every year, learners make a contribution towards finishing to build it but no notable improvement is seen.

The transport system is unreliable, arguably because of the socio-economic status of the community and the absence of  tarred road. In more than one occasion, people have been given written warnings from their works for constantly reporting late for work.

People who’ve been residing in the then “new stands” for over 10 years in Ga-tsietsafofa section unfortunately cannot share the pleasure of watching Generations because they don’t have electricity. They rely on paraffin for cooking. Water is luxurious to them!

In 2011 when canvassing ahead of the local municipal elections, axed ANCYL president, now commander in chief of the left wing Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, and resigned ANC limpopo chairman and premier, Cassel Mathale, visited the area but unfortunately no improvement in terms of service delivery has been made.

Many have complained and questioned the procedure for providing government built RDP houses, citing “RDP di na le mahlo.”
Last year, if not early this year, the former minister of human settlement, Tokyo Sexwale visited one section of Ga-Dikgale, Mantheding to assess the development of RDP house.

Unfortunately he was misled. They took him to a section that had nicer RDP houses compared to others, only decorated for his evaluation. The other RDP houses that have been built at the same time, by the same contractor, are not decorated and as beautiful as the ones that have been seen by the former minister.

With the 2014 general elections fast approaching……….

Picture: MD Hauser Talakgale


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