Tilo interviews Candy tsa Mandebele.

Tilo interviews Candy tsa Mandebele.

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka

I’ve done several celebrity interviews before but I’ve never come across such a humble, polite and respecting individual such as Candy, the lead vocalist of Tsa Mandebele. In fact, I associate Candy with Mrs South Africa 2012-2013, Fikile Mekgoe. These two women are phenomenal.


When my managing editor of Pioneer news, Welcome Moyo, endorsed me to go ahead and interview Candy on my own citing “I trust you enough”, not only did I see it as an honour, but I also saw it as a blessing to interview one of the few celebrities from my home province, Limpopo, that has proven the worth of their talent at the local and international level.

Candy is in a changing room with her three female dancers. She is putting on a make up ahead of her performance for the guests that came through to C-ga Botha’s all white tropical party. Her face glitters with excitement when her manager introduces me to her.

Seeing that she’s getting ready to wow the guests with her melodious tunes, I asked her how many songs she’s going to perform and whether or not tsa Mandebele is on the list. With a broad-humoured smile, she responded “I mean obvious. they will bury me alive if I don’t perform that song,” she said referring to my question about performing tsa Mandebele.

Candy explained that because Ciga is four letters, she will perform four songs and close off her performance with the signature tune, tsa Mandebele original.

“We have two tsa Mandebele’s, tsa Madebele original and tsa Mandebele kids. Oskido and I decided to do tsa Mandebe kids because of the song’s popularity among kids.

“Everywhere we went to, kids sang the song as if they composed it. As a result, we sat down and saw it fit to come up with the kids version of tsa Mandebele,” the Molobedu born artist explained.

Candy shares the good news, tsa Mandebele kids has been nominated for the Channel O music awards and humbly asks her fans and supporters to vote for her. DJ Vetkuk vs Mahoota Ft. Candy, Xikukwani, has also been nominated for the Best Xitsonga House Song in Mughana lonene FM.

With tsa Mandebele original already won numerous awards and honorary certificates, Candy is confident tsa Mandebele kids will soon follow the suit and win awards.

Candy is currently working on her next album, set to be released next year. With the hype around Tsa Mandebele, she is positive the next album will surpass the standard set by the current album.


“The album is going to be a hit and will be released under the University of Kalawa Jazmee,” she shared.



And before she could finish off her sentence, I jump in and interrupted her, “and you are the student of Kalawa Jazmee university,” I asked.

She responded, “actually, I’m the graduate of Kalawa Jazmee university. I graduated with the best song of the year (degree)” and everyone in the room burst out laughing.

With that, I had to leave her to finish putting on the make-up that I interrupted earlier. Outside I met and chatted with Candy’s DJ Tronix.


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  1. This is very lovely! to be associated with such a humble person. Thank you for your kind words. ❤ Fikile Mekgoe.

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