South Africans must respect President Zuma.

South Africans must respect President Zuma.

South Africans, like citizens elsewhere in the world, must respect their leaders especially the president. However, the president, in reciprocate, should also respect the people s/he leads by remaining true and faithful to them as failure to do so may fuel the residents to rebel against their leader, says Tilo ngwana Rashaka.



President Jacob Zuma has, over the weekend, said that people who don’t respect their leaders will be severely punished by God. Like it or not, President Zuma is telling the truth.

There is no doubt that I agree with him. But there seems to be something that the president is missing in this whole discussion.

Perhaps I should make it clear from the offset that with only less than 8 months away from the 2014 general elections, I’m quite ecstatic that I’ll be voting for the first time in the country’s general elections.

But I’ll definitely NOT be voting for the ANC, not unless NO 1 is still the president of the organisation. Almost every time I tell people that I won’t be voting for the ANC I’m often accused of tribalism. People take it that I’m indirectly saying I’ll vote either for Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) or Dr Mamphela Ramphela’s Agang SA.

I would like to remind such people that not everyone who’s from Limpopo will inevitably vote the EFF or Agang because the leaders of these political parties are from Limpopo. The same way not everyone who’s from Kwa Zulu Natal will vote either for the ANC or IFP.

Come 2014 I will cast my vote but for the party that I think will address and resolve the socio-economic issues, especially land reform and economic emancipation, that the people of this country, Black, White, Indian and Coloured, are all faced with.

Nonetheless, President Zuma has a point, people should respect their leaders. In South Africa, we should respect President Zuma and his administration because they are our democratically elected leaders.

BUT respect is earned. The same way God will punish people who disrespect their leaders, I also think God will punish any leader that steals from the poor to enrich himself, family, cronies and a selected tribe.

Let’s look at how and where the culture of disrespectful emulates from: leaders that take advantage of the people they lead actually open doors for the people to start rebelling against them. If a leader is constantly making headlines for all the wrong reasons that include: the role of women in a marriage, implicated in an unauthorized landing of the Cronies’ flight , 248 million of taxpayers’ money allegedly spent on 1 person while majority continue to live in dire poverty and children in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape don’t have textbooks, protection of information bill, spy tapes saga, e-toll, and the list is endless, then such a leader is actively canvass for the citizens to disrespect him.

So, dear Mr President, the same way I agree with you that is not good for people to disrespect their leaders, I don’t think is all good, and I’m hoping you’ll agree with me, for our leaders to build themselves mansions with the tax payer’s money while residents in Diepsloot, Alexandra, Thembisa, Khayelitsha, Honeydew and other places don’t have a proper running water, electricity, houses and toilets.

In his tenure as the president of the country, Mandela was respected and even today, still critically sick, he’s still respected because of the good work he’s done for the country. Therefore, I would like to urge all the leaders to want to be like Mandela. I understand we are all humans hence one way or another we will make mistakes but there’s no excuse for leaders who continue repeating their mistakes over and over.



Published: Thursday 10 October 2013 00: 07


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