Dinah and Hlabirwa lambast mamgobozi in Pleasure’s Wedding Girls.

Dinah and Hlabirwa lambast mamgobozi in Pleasure's Wedding Girls.

The much-waited Pleasure Wedding Girls’ vol 3, Kgalemela lenyatso is out. It’s by no surprise the eight song album has since been trending on social networks, with her fans expressing unprecedented ecstasy; because the album is a hit.


Pleasure, the lead vocalist, became the household name with her plug tracks of the likes of: Sekgametse, Lefotwana, Moipone, Setagwa, Bjaleng, Matepe, Bogadi bja swikiri, Mohweleritshipi and manyalo national anthem, LAELA, among others.


In Wedding Girls vol 3, Pleasure sets clear the focus of this project, to celebrate African weddings.


As per usual, I like to do analysis of her releases, but this time things are quite different. Maybe I should first start by making it clear that it was not in my plans this time to do any analysis until Lebo Ramphisa requested I do so.


“Koko,koko … ba ga a re di fefere ,ke kgopela le fefere bo Tina goba bo kgaladi hle..” she wrote on A re di fefere fan page. Was she singing Bula dikgoro?


And then I thought “why not?” I mean it will give an opportunity to voice out my opinion about my two obvious favourite songs, Kgalemela lenyatso (Ausi Dina) and O nyetse (Hlabirwa).


Maybe I should confess, I just like ‘mamgobozi’. As long as there’s this character involved, then I’m sold and Kgalemela lenyatso and O nyetse give me that element that I like.


Of course I like other songs as well, who would say no to Phutha, Kgaladi, Lenyalong, Mma Sibeko, Mekgolokwane and Bula Dikgoro?


“Ausi le ge tsa bogadi di ka ba ba, Tetelo o fogohlele seropeng ka gore ke tsona tsa malapa,” anyway, that’s the topic for another day. Nna ke nyaka go fefera ka Sesi Dina le Hlabirwa.


Okay, Dina and Hlabirwa have something in common and their story lines can be analysed, hypothetically and theoretically, using the same approach.


These two people are set to get married to their partners, and one thing that I think ties them together is what people have said about them. I get a feeling that people in their communities have already written them off.


DINA: Ausi Dina tla o kgalemele lenyatso, a siba bo maratahelele ba eme mo dikhoneng. Bona ba nyaka go bona wena, le monna wa gago, le lesira la gago, ba tle ba tsebe go di shwashwatha.


HLABIRWA: Bjale batho ga Radingoana, ba be ba go jela mona, ba fela ba re ga o na selo Hlabirwa ebile o ka se nyale. Ba bone ba maketse, bona ga ba kgolwe gore o tlile le tshehlana ngwana go hlapa ka lebese.


Every time I time I listen to Hlabirwa, precisely the part I documented above, I get emotional. “Ba fela ba re ga o na selo…”


Nonetheless, these two people have had their share of gossips, and in their communities they are regarded as having nothing and anything that is good cannot be said in the same line as their lines.


But to mamgobozi’s dire surprise, today Hlabirwa and Dina are walking down the aisle. But that’s not the end of the story, in fact, it’s the beginning.


Mamgobozi is relentless and the same time hellbent at wanting to know what is going to happen at the weddings. And yes she attended their weddings, why, because she wanted to see the decoration, ring, wedding gown, suit, food etc because in her own view, these people, especially Hlabirwa, is too poor to afford a decent wedding.


So now, Pleasure urges Dina to “kgalemela lenyatso,” and asks Hlabirwa to “Ba bone ba maketse. Hlabirwa ga ba kgolwe.”
To be continued….


N.B: This is just art, not a real life situation. In my analysis, I was not making any reference to a real life situation. My analysis is NOT a true reflection of reality.


1. Phutha
2. Kgalemela lenyatso
3. Mekgolokwane
4. Mma Sibeko
5. Kgaladi
6. O nyetse
7. Lenyalong
8. Bula dikgoro.


To download Pleasure’s songs, click on this links:






2 responses

  1. haha I enjoy reading your analysis brother. you may put it that way, that it is just an art, not a real life situation but in my opinion I think your art reflect real life situation. this is what we always come across in real life. I would like to say ka nnete, ka dinako kamoka, geo leka go ahla ahla dikosha tse tsa Boledi o phela o mo topile nta thekeng lol lenna gakere she refers to real life situation. I am just saying she is the best!

    1. E re ke go leboge Phaahla ge tshekatsheko ya ka e go tshikiditla.

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