Why I support Malema’s EFF?

Why I support Malema’s EFF?

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka.


Like it or not but Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters party is certainly going to have seats in parliament post 2014 general elections.

I’m not sure about ruling South Africa soon but one thing that I can guarantee is that EFF is not a mushroom party. It is here to stay and it will sustain itself longer. Like I use to say, “The game is on. It’s the red beret brigade.”

Two things that the possibly left wing political party robustly puts forward are expropriation of land without compensation and nationalisation of mines and banks. The idea behind nationalisation is that they’ll use the profit extracted from the market to plough back on education, health care system, infrastructure, inter alia.

Wow! It sounds good isn’t, but I’m not sure I’ll say the same thing when the implementation time enters our shore. I envisage bloodshed. I doubt white monopoly capital will agree to such.

Every time I think of South Africa under the leadership of EFF I visualize nothing but a disgruntled nation. But I guess I have nothing to worry about, as Malema says.

However, one thing that I agree with EFF on is economic freedom in our life time. Is about time we all benefit from the wealth of our country. Whether white capital content to it or not, economic freedom is inevitable.

That’s not too much to ask. We black people also want to benefit from what our soil produces. I don’t know if I’m contracting myself or what, but white monopoly should not be scared of change, they should come on board and be willing to be party of change.

Like Malema once said, you break into my house, steal my property and when I indicate to you that I want it back, you are reluctant to give it back to me, the rightful owner. Okay, if that’s the case, then let’s struck a deal, let’s share. Still you are not willing to co-operate. What choice, then, am I left with? To take by force of course. What do you think?

I wish we don’t reach a point whereby force and coercion are used. As South Africans, we should stay far from anarchy. We don’t want the return of apartheid.

About land, I’m very much interested in this subject matter. Every time I travel to and fro Jo’burg-Polokwane, I pass an extensive amount of land that is not utilized. Back at home in rural Ga-Dikgale, land is scarce. Is this freedom, I always ask myself the question. And the answer is always no!

So, I’m glad the EFF has brought these pivotal issues to the public’s attention even though I’m not sure about the steps in which they plan to partake in order to implement their plans.

As 2014 general elections loom, I don’t know, I’m confused, totally. Call me a confused child if you wish but I still don’t know which party to vote for. But I can’t miss my first ever opportunity of voting in the country’s elections. I’m still doing a cost-benefit analysis. But whatever the choice, clearly not the ANC and the DA, at least for now.


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