Tilo: Goodbye A re di fefere.

Tilo: Goodbye A re di fefere.

By Mokgopo Tilo

My stance is clear; I want to quit running this blog for my own security and peace of mind. Like Winnie Modise said in her interview with one of the South Africa’s leading weekly magazines, ‘no one knows the heat in my kitchen but myself.’

Chances are great that tomorrow when you wake up in the morning and search for A re di fefere, you might not find it. Equally, chances are great that this blog will be available to infinite.

The fearful part of me tells me that I should close down the blog as soon as possible but the other part, by contrast, disagrees.



To tell the truth running a news blog is not a walk in a park. I’ve achieved quite a lot. I have established a proper audience base and many people have subscribed to this blog.



To date, I have over 80 000 views in only 2 months, and it could have been more than that should I not have taken a break in the month of May out of fear for further damages. I also have over 30 000 visitors and 334 approved comments.



The question that I ask myself is “am I willing to let that go?” To tell the truth, I don’t know. I’m confused.



I’m doing a cost-benefit analysis and whichever weighs too much weight, I’m going with it.

I know I’m doing a very brilliant job with A re di fefere. I don’t have to hear it from somebody, I can tell that myself. I have raised above many bloggers. It may sound that I’m being proud, of which is not a sin, but that’s not what I’m doing. I’m just stating out the obvious facts.

Or maybe the reason I’m in this predicament is because A re di fefere is different from other tedious conventional blogs.


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