It’s winter, not lose fashion sense season.

It’s winter, not lose fashion sense season.

By Mokgopo Tilo
It’s already winter and as with other seasons, winter does not mean people should put on whatever they come across with from their wardrobes.
Amidst this cold and discomfort weather condition, people should not lose their fashion sense. Because it is winter, it does not mean people should put on tjatjarag, not matching colours.

Oo, shush, people should not hide behind the colour blocking principle for their insane colour combination and not matching outfits. Cold or no cold, if your dressing code sucks, it should be said so.

People seldom realise the unpredictability of weather forecast. Wait, do they even look at the weather forecast when deciding what to wear or they just get off their beds and say “oh, it’s seems it’s going to be a cold day.”

Ehe! Dear, morning is not the entire day. I suggest you make an informed decision before rocking up with pantyhose, tights, and extra jean for you might be embarrassed during the day.

In this winter, I would advise you to always dress smart. There are nice ladies’ and men’s winter jackets that you can choose from. To avoid a situation whereby you’ll have to wear an extra two jerseys inside the jacket, don’t buy the light jacket, but warm.

Always be careful to buy clothes that suit your body. I believe you know your body better that anyone else and surely you know what works for you.

For ladies, for whatever hairstyle you choose to go with, make sure is ideal for this season. Don’t make something that will easily be blown away by wind to cover your face. The last thing you need is embarrassment.

A lot of house may not be blessed with showers in South Africa and it could be daunting to wash your body in the morning because of extreme coldness but that should not be a reason not to wash your body at all.

In winter, some people have a tendency of washing only their faces citing ‘no one will notice I didn’t have a proper bath.’

Aike, you are very right, no one will notice at all but after a few weeks when worms start to creep out of the closet, much to your embarrassment, everyone will take a considerable notice. Plus, rats might be your temporary companions, they like it when people fall back on taking baths.

Remember, dress smart to avoid disappointment and embarrassment.

Sunday 09 June 2013             01:23 AM



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