Generations, Isidingo and Muvhango: Top 5 villains.

Generations, Isidingo and Muvhango: Top 5 villains.

By Mokgopo Tilo


On our small screens, there are faces we love to hate. Even though sometimes we come out vicious hating them, the truth is they spice up our weekdays and without their malevolence behaviours, our days seem incomplete.

They keep us glued on our TV sets, leaving us yearning for more from them. However, most of us hate them for tormenting our ‘sweet konyana’ actors. Although in many cases they get away with evil deeds, however, like the law of gravity suggests, what goes up will eventually come down.

1. S’busiso ‘Ngamla’ Dlomo.
Many will agree with me that this man epitomises all the intensity and passion required for a television villain. He does not take nonsense and tjatjarag tendency before him uzokuphoxa dear. Almost everything he wants, he gets it.

However, as much as he executes the villain role perfectly, sometimes I don’t condone the manner in which he does things. I don’t know if it’s the feminism element in me but I strongly condemn his defamatory attitudes towards Dineo Dikobe-Thlaole-Mashaba3-Dlomo.

Haibo, now that I’ve written it down it makes me laugh, yonna mmawe, loliwe. I’m only used to double barrel but the one ya ga Dineo, ijo! I don’t know what to call it. Not counting all the other surnames, but Mashaba only 3th (cubic Mashaba), Kenneth, Thomas and Paul. No wonder S’busiso is so hostile towards her, haike, she’s been around. She deserves a veteran trophy.

2. Barker Haines
I’m not really a fan of Isidingo but from the few episodes I’ve watched, Barker seems to be a real villain, keeping Jefferson on his toes, and one mistake, he’ll snatch Sibeko Gold away from him.

Objectively speaking, I don’t see myself shaking hands with Barker. One minute the man will be laughing with you and the next he cons you in a broad day light. I fail to understand what Rajesh is doing with him. Business or no business, Barker cannot be trusted, especially if he operates with his lapdog, Benjamin.

3. Khakhathi KK Mulaudzi
BOOM! BOOM! Mr dead man walking, this one is a ghost, he’s everywhere. People know better not to conspire behind his back. Not even a gunshot can get rid of him, he knows how to work his way back to the world of living people.

Almost a year ago, the ancestors sent him back to earth because he was probably causing turmoil and turning their heads around in the world of the dead.

Ask Sundani, she knows better, KK can smell rat and he won’t rest until he gets to the bottom of the subject. Do I have to mention ‘Ms Bu?’ Poor Thandazanyana wa batho, she never has a peace of mind, KK is forever on her case.

Anyway, I can’t pretend to be sorry for Thandaza, in fact I’m happy KK exposed her bokwanti tendency with Pheko. Ehe, Boom, boom factor nana!

4. Noluntu Memela.
Ha! Yawn, tired. Sucking my Yogueta blackberry flavour sweet. I wanted something sweet to boost my sugar level before I talk about this conniving bastard.

MZWANELE! MZWANELE! That’s what you’ll see and hear if you let Noluntu make you tea dear. Luntu does not play nonsense and should you want to feel her unstoppable wrath, betray her nuna.

I never, even at one point, underestimated Noluntu’s wickedness but I must admit she surprised me when she took it to the extreme when she drugged Mawande. What kind of a daughter does such dreadful and wicked actions on her own mother? Betrayed or no betrayal, what Noluntu did is evil and should remain that way. Can a person become so power hungry to the extent that sending someone six feet under becomes just a funny nuna-nini game?

Ooh, how can I forget this juicy mogautšana (gossip), even if it means fiddling with Senzo’s urinal toothpick just to get what she wants, then the game is on for Noluntu. Gay or no gay, Noluntu will use her magical hands to do the trick and it worked my dear and the product of their few hours funky-linky-pinky stunt is Ngcobi, #did I spell the name correct?#

5. Mamello Kotsokoane.
Is a public knowledge Meme is my number one favourite character in South African small screen. The lady does not take nonsense and if you dare cross her, you’ll forever regret the day you pissed her off. She doesn’t appreciate it when she’s sidelined and has her special way of dealing with her rivals, especially Thandaza.

The only problem with Thandi is that she thinks she’s untouchable and that the world revolves around her and thanks to Meme who is always there to remind her to get off her high horse. She seems to forget that she was parachuted into the CEO position by the Mukwevhos while she was still dating Ndalamo.

The recent vicious stunt Meme pulled on Thandaza and Pheko after she learnt about their affair served to cement what a great villain she is. Just when KK thought he has the upper hand of the situation, Meme manipulated her away into his apartment and ripped him off the opportunity of being the sole manipulator.

These are my top 5 villains from the above mentioned soap operas, If you think I was being biased in my selection, you are more than welcome to differ with me.

Picture: Google image-TV SA


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