Thobela FM Peter Moruthane Talks to A re di fefere.

Thobela FM Peter Moruthane talks to A re di fefere.

By Mokgopo Tilo.

Without any sense of doubtness, Peter Moruthane is a growing brand. He’s one of the few prominent news anchors in the Limpopo’s broadcasting fraternity. He has proved his worth as the news anchor of a distinct style. Every time people hear the jingle, “go latela ditaba ka Peter Moruthane,” almost everything goes to a stand still. Young and old people pay attention, not only because they want to stay updated about what is happening around them, but also because they cannot afford to miss the charismatic and fascinating style of reporting by Moruthane. Having accomplished a lot in his life already, Moruthane can be described as the epitome of a blossoming black youth success in the post-apartheid South Africa. Today, 03 April 2013, Moruthane openes up to A re di fefere and takes us down the memory lane of his career.


1. Who is Peter Moruthane?
Those who know me say I am a very humbled person who respects everyone I come across with. I was raised in a family of 4 at Mohlaletse in Sekhukhune area of Limpopo. My family raised me in a Christian and cultural rich background which helped me to develop myself to be person of the caliber I am today. Respect and humanity define me in general.
I graduated from the University of Limpopo in 2008 following a three years of studying Media Degree. In 2010, I registered for a Master degree (Linguistics) at University of Limpopo majoring in Sepedi and successfully I completed my course work in 2011. At the moment I’m busy working on my thesis in Sepedi Language Development and Research.
I’m also studying with the University of Cape Town, for a Certificate in Professional Office Communication.
I am a community person who gives my all to various community work in my area and in various areas of Limpopo. I am the founder of AURA Youth Club in Mohlaletse which is in partnership with Love Life to empower young people. The main aim of the organisation is to develop young people on health issues and culture. I founded the AURA Cultural Club in University of Limpopo in 2006.



2. When and how did you join Thobela FM?
I joined Thobela FM in 2008, the year I graduated from the University of Limpopo. SABC Limpopo hosted auditions for a news bulletin presenter and I was lucky to be appointed after being auditioned with other 5 aspirant news presenters.


3. How many years have you been in the industry?
My radio career started in 2005, when I was a 1st year Media Student at University of Limpopo. I used to present various programmes on Radio Turf. I now have 8 years of experience in (broadcasting) radio industry whereby I specialise in various fields from production, editing and management. When I started my journalism career, I started from bottom, being a field journalist, and then I worked my way up to current affairs presenter and now I’m a news editor.



4. How has the journey been like thus far?
My journey in the media industry has been a very good one and I am enjoying every minute of it. I have learned a lot and I continue to learn as each day passes by. I have learned that through radio you can do a lot. Through radio, you have power in your hands, but I realised that it needs responsibility. Radio is a great career builder.


5. What is it that you like most about your work?
I like the fact that I speak to anyone in the country, anytime and with no limitations. As an ordinary person outside the media realm, the extent to which one can communicate with other people is limited. Conversely, as a radio personnel I am able to engage with multitudes of people from different corners of the world. If it wasn’t for radio I wouldn’t have the privilege to share a podium with respectable figures of the likes of former president, Nelsen Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and other various ministers and former ministers.


6. What are some of the obstacles you had, and continue to encounter in the industry?

In media or radio industry, there is a lot of competition. It is difficult to penetrate; it is by luck a person like me to be where I am. I never went through much challenges per se.


7. You are infamous of your rich Sepedi language especially when it comes to reporting. How do you define the language you use?
I speak and write the language of the people. I try by all means to develop the language, and it’s my responsibility to encourage young people to love the language as I give it colours.
I was born in a Pedi Family down in Makgwareng in Mohlaletse, and language became my 1st priority in defining who I am. In Fetakgomo High School where I completed my secondary education, I got an A symbol in Sepedi. My masters’ thesis focuses on Sepedi language.


9. There is never a dull moment during the Moruthane shifts, and someone may argue that is because of the language you employ when reporting. Do you write you own script or you get the script from the writing team and you only mould it by adding your charismatic touch?
I write my own script. As a news presenter I get an English script which I need to rewrite to a clear broadcast language which also includes translating the script to Sepedi. So using my skills as a linguist, I make sure that I accommodate both young and old people. I also employ what is called strategic presenting.


10. What is your most memorable highlight of your career?
I still remember the 1st time I started being on radio back in 2005. I was doing the morning show at Radio Turf from 03:00 – 06:00 AM it was a perfect time for me to learn radio techniques.


11. What do you love about what you do?
It allows me to be creative. Another thing is that radio does not have a lot of paper work. I hate admin work.


12. Is there anything that you do besides your current job on Thobela FM?
• I am the Chairperson of Limpopo Geographic Names Committee under the Department of Arts and Culture. My committee is responsible for names changes in Limpopo.
• I am a HOD for Journalism Studies at Jeppe College. So far the college have produced hardworking students who have been employed in various government institutions and departments.
• I am a community person, I visits schools and do motivational talk for free.



13. What is the worst lie you ever heard about yourself?
Nothing yet



15. Who inspire(s) and why?
My mom and dad are my true inspirations. They worked very hard for me to go to school. I do everything with the intention of making them proud.


16. What are your future dreams and ambitions?
I am working towards establishing a very big advertising agency. My business associate and I are working on founding a welfare Centre in Sekhukhune.



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  1. Mmmm interesting read

  2. freedom chilwane | Reply

    Moshito o tshela pele. Ke kgopela thusho… Ke nyaka gokwa moshito wa thobela fm month phounung yaka ke apalela . Ke kgopela thusho. Ke shumisha founu ya blackbarry 9300. Ke kgopela thuusho. Pls. Nka thaba ge thuso yaka e ka atlega ke a leboga

  3. yah ba ga moruthane le tloga rutegile kudu le go feta. Mhlatse le mahlogonolo modumo a e etele pele

  4. i have sumthng in myd please coll me on 0787260603 immediatly please

  5. i appreciate what u r doing to ur community Mr Moruthane,keep on uplifting the hole of limpopo.From,CLIFFORD CHILOANE

  6. I liked Peter’ s profile. Wow!

  7. Mancha Harry kubu | Reply

    Thobela,nna ke kgopela thuso ke ngwadila drama yeo elego yaka ka gare ga note book,but ke hloka laptop gore ke kgone go e ngwala ga botse le gore ke kgone go ya sekolong sa acting and ya leboga.

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