Kutlo Boago: Have sex with me Tilo.

Kutlo Boago: Have sex with me Tilo.

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

The message is concise and straight to the point, “Will u mind whn I visit u to have sex wth u or sex talk please,” desperate for sex Botswana born Kutlo sent me a private message on facebook.

I got a shock of my life, I asked her, “Ehe! You know me from? Please refresh my memory ’cause your name sounds new to me.” Quick to respond, Kutlo said “I dnt think you know bbe.”

Hey batho, still surprised and shocked, this girl does not know me and yet she has the audacity to call me her ‘bbe’, I thought to myself.

“Okay, where do you know me from then?” I asked.

“Magazine” she responded.

Surprised, I asked “so you fell in love with me through a magazine?”

“You made me horny because of your sexy lips and handsum face… This time around I’m horny” determined to have sex with Tilo Boago said.

It was after this massage that I realized Kutlo’s is determination to lure me into bed. I thought long and hard of a plan to get Kutlo off my back.

But my difficult task was: how do I tell Kutlo that I’m not interested without breaking her heart? I don’t like being the reason for other people’s misery, the same way I would not want other people to inconvenience me.

“Wow, it’s good to hear someone reaffirm what I already know. Thank you for boosting my confidence even more but I’m gay,” I told her, thinking my homosexuality excuse will help discourage her motives.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, do you think lust driven Kutlo from Francistown bought the story?

“I no u’re not, its jst tht u’re ignoring. A boy like u du not serve to be a gay,” she hits back at my gay excuse.

The conversation does not end here, it continues and is getting even dirtier but I took a decision not to respond back to her inboxes anymore because I’m not used to strong language and clearly I don’t see a reason why I should continue engaging her on this conversation. I’m not interested and that should take precedence.

I decided to check Kutlo’s profile on facebook. She does not have a profile picture, let alone one picture under her album. Her facebook relationship status: it’s complicated. I guess Tilo was to de-complicate the complicated relationship.

More to my dire surprise, Boago and I are facebook friends. Since I started writing for “A re di fefere le Tilo,” I get a lot of facebook friend requests, so I just rubber stamp them, or accept the requests without screening them first. Let’s suppose I checked her info, still I wouldn’t have known Kutlo would pull that lunatic stunt on me.

I don’t know what I can say about Kutlo except for that she’s lunatic. Unfortunately we are no longer facebook friends. I wanted to delete one comment she made on my picture but I ended up blocking her by mistake.

Let me tell you what she did, she went through my pictures and where she found me posing with a girl, she’ll pass  nasty comments about the girl like “you are ugly. Get your hands off my man you bitch.”

Tell me that’s not insanity. She says I’m her ‘man’, really, since when? Was it even necessary for her to attack my female friends? I posed with them willingly. They didn’t force me. I was a willing participant.

But I must admit; I enjoyed interacting with her. Clearly my charm vava-voomed her a bit and I enjoyed being told that I’m a charmer.

First published on: 27 March 2013

First edited on: 6 October 2013




9 responses

  1. Very interesting story.

  2. Keep on making me happy Tilo luv u

    1. Thank you so much Boitshepo. Your support is noted and highly appreciated.

  3. Its a very good thing when someone shares a story with us, because we learn something from their stories thnx alot!!!

    1. That’s the primary motive of A re di fefere, to empower people with factual and reliable information.

  4. Woooow interesting story

  5. Reblogged this on A re di fefere le Tilo ngwana Rashaka and commented:

    One of my favourite articles.

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