Limpopo Pleasure o thuntsha lerole ka ditekesela.

Limpopo Pleasure o thuntsha lerole ka ditekesela.

By Mokgopo Tilo.

The wedding industry national anthem is set to be redefined!

In 2010, Pleasure released her 4th album, Lefotwana, and as per usual, the album kept the wedding fanatics on their toes. The title track, Lefotwana, became people’s obvious choice. From sun rise to sun set, from wedding to ancestral ritual ceremonies, it was always “Malobanyana mo ge re nyalana batswadi ba rile ‘MOSADI KE LEFOTWANA O WA SELELWA.”

In 2011, when Lefotwana predecessor, Mepipi, was released, the rhythm bar was raised even high. Moipone took over as the hit track and Pleasure’s fans failed to contain themselves but chorus along with the favourite line “le go hlabetše o le orele ka gosane ke la ba bangwe.”

But today, in 2013, Pleasure o thuntsha lerole. In November last year, Pleasure closed off the year on a high note when she released her latest album, Banyadi vol 6. Because they’ll always be people obvious choice in each and every album, Laela surpassed all the other eight wedding songs in the album.

Why Laela? What is so special about the song? Why do people love it so much? Amidst this Laela hype, I get a feeling that Lefotwana is going to be toppled down as the wedding industry anthem while Laela takes over. People like Lefotwana but if I was writing this article based on my personal feelings and interest, I was going to say Moipone is the wedding industry anthem. I love the song, beyond any reasonable doubt, but I guess I cannot analyze the issue looking at a tiny spectrum, I have to look at a bigger picture. “Bjale tseba Moipone bana ba gagwe ba šeba ka meetse.”

Let me give you a synopsis of the plug track, Laela.

In the song, Pleasure Sings about Pebetsi wa Hunadi and Mokgoroshi wa Kgotongwane. The two are set to get married. Pleasure urges Pebetsi to say her final goodbyes to her family because her (Pebetsi) in laws are eagerly waiting to meet her, “Pebetsi wa Hunadi samma laela. Ba bogadi ba go letile, phutha re tsamaye.” Pleasure consoles Pebetsi and puts her heart at ease when she tell her that her husband chose her in a multi-million women world, “Mokgoroshi wa Kgotongwane o go kgethile gare ga Makgarebe.”

However, Pleasure quickly brings Pebetsi’s attention to the hard reality of a marriage; that when she gets to the in laws, her new family may become hostile towards her. “le ge ba ka go rema ka ditekeselo, ba go rweša thini e dutla. Ba botše gore o tlile ka kgomo wena o nyetšwe.” She strongly emphasizes the fact that Pebetsi is the only one chosen by Mokgoroshi and no matter what happens, she should always keep that in mind.

When Pleasure is done engaging Pebetsi on this vital conversation, she tells her she cannot go in silence. Mhm, my favourite part of the song “bjale o ka se tsamaye ka setu, sesi thuntsha lerole. Wena o ka se tsamaye ka setu, Pebetsi thuntsha lerole. Ka re wena o thuntsha lerole, thuntsha lerole, wena o thuntshe lerole, wena thuntsha lerole.
Swara Mokgoroshi ka letsogo le thuntshe lerole. Pebetsi swara Mokgoroshi ka letsogo le thuntshe lerole. Re bontsheng meragelo ya lena, lena le thuntshe lerole; and the rest you’ll find in Pleasure vol 6.
Thuuuuuuuuntsha, thuntsha lerole.

There is something special about this song. I think it has a special anointing. It was that song  my heart fell for the second the beats started, a way before I could even hear the lyrics, I was like ‘this is the song.’


Pleasure Vol 6 track list:

O Mpaletse….. (Pheladi ngwanaka o ntshegiša ka dira tša ka)

Laela…..  (O samma laela)

Banyadi….. (Dira di be di tsogile maatla empa wena Jehova o be o le gona)

Malapa ga a lekane….. (Monna o kgama ke dikoloto ka lebaka la gago Thabiso)

Ke ya leboga….. (Matswale wa ka o mpelegetše monna)

Ngoato….. (O ngwato ngwanaka lehono o wa gola)

Rakgadi….. (Rakgadi o mmotše gore lebitla la mosadi ke bogadi)

Le dumelelane….. (Nyatsi o wa iphora shame)

Nthabiseng….. ( Etla o ba bontshe Nthabi, ba bontshe monna wa gago)

O na le nna….. (kgoro ga e dumele)

Ngoato (inst)

O mpaletse (inst)

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5 responses



  2. Ur a star pleasure no one can lead u never

  3. I like Mepipi album(senoinoi),I like the words”tsamayang le yena le fihleng le tshwareng gabotse,lea mmona ke senoinoi”.And again, (dipolelo).Txo guys,thumbs up for ngwana batho Pleasure.Jealous down SHEM

  4. “Le ge ba ka bolela ka maleme” eix dat song ya mpetha. kea go rata pleasure o tseba ntho yeo o e dirago.a gona koxa ya gago yeo kesa e ratego wish nka kopana le wena 1day

  5. Ure de best nd de star nd also given,i lyk de way u use ur gift,kip on doing de good work im proud of u pleasure

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