Kenny Kunene: I’m not broke.

Kenny Kunene: I’m not broke.

By Mokgopo Tilo.

Barely 12 days after his face was splashed on a front page of a Sunday tabloid, Kenny Kunene, known as ‘sushi king’ came out in public hitting back at his haters and at the same time reclaiming his royalty position.
On Sunday 10 March, Sunday Sun newspaper reported that Sushi King is broke and was kicked out of his rented apartment because he could not keep up with R100 000 monthly rent. “Now sushi socialite Kenny Kunene is reduced to living in a backyard cottage in the garden of a Sandton mansion,” the newspaper reported.
The newspaper went further to claim that Kunene and his business partner, Gayton McKenzie are in a fix with their Cape Town landlord where their ZAR club is in rent arrears of at least close to half a million rand, R450 000.
In a move that could been seen as wanting to silence those who’ve been preaching the “Kenny Kunene is broke” sermon, Sushi Kunene khotharised the impoverished and hopeless residents of Alexandra township with thousands of rands.
It is reported that the Izikhothane king arrived at the Madala Sports ground holding a big black bag packed with moolah inside, and then threw the money at the residents who’ve been waiting for his arrival for three hours.
Kunene arrived at the sports ground escorted by his body guards. As he was throwing money around, a lot of R20 bank notes were flying up the sky for people to catch and pocket.
 Tilo asks, what point is Kenny Kunene trying to make by showering away money?
 Is he really broke as the Sunday Sun newspaper reported earlier in the month?
 If yes, why would he want to flash around the little pennies he’s left with whilst he’s struggling to make end meets?
 If no, how do you explain the newspaper’s claim that stays in a “back-room” and that his club owes R450 000? And again, when approached for comment, why was it difficult for him to say “I’m not broke and I don’t want to discuss my private life with the media anymore, thank you?”
 In fact, when Kunene approached by the newspaper to comment on the broke allegations, he lashed out “I don’t talk about my private life in public anymore. This is not a story. I don’t have to justify my move to anybody,” he apparently told the newspaper.

Picture: Sunday Sun


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  1. sushi rocks he wont broke

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