Should Generations’ get rid of Queen?

Should Generations’ get rid of Queen?

By Mokgopo Tilo

She’s been with the soapie since its inception in 1994. She’s the only original cast left after her counterpart, protagonist Karabo, played by Connie Ferguson, dropped the soapie in 2010, leaving millions of fans startled. To many of her fans, she is known as darling Queen Moroka.
Sophie Ndaba, the person who portrays hilarious and unlucky in love, Queen Moroka, has inspired many young and upcoming actors through her impressive work. Over the past 19 years that Queen has been with Generations, she has successfully managed to build herself a proper support-fan base. Fans know that there is never a dull a moment with ‘darling’ and her presence add a glimmer to Generations.
However, I have questions that have been bothering me over the past few months and I won’t have peace of mind if I don’t get them out in the open. Is Queen still relevant? Is she still valuable to Generations? What value does she add to the soapie? Is Generation’s darling exhausted and should retire from the soapie like her friend, Connie did?
Objectively speaking, I don’t think Queen’s retirement from the soapie would have a major negative impact. Let’s face it; Queen is becoming more like a call-in actor, only called when she’s needed. I can’t even remember when last I saw Queen on my screen. Even when she appears, she’s just featured. There is no exciting drama happening around her. Okay, Queen-Robert storyline was something big for her but prior and after that?
I personally think the Generations’ writing team does not know how to develop Queen Storyline anymore and they are reluctant to tell her to pack her bags and leave. Is Generations’ only keeping Queen based on a self-pity feeling or maybe they like the fact that she’s been with the soapie since its inception? Since Generations exterminated the Moroka legacy to Dlomo-Mamela plot, the move has negatively affected Queen. The drama now revolves around the scheming Dlomos and Mamelas and little airtime is given to other characters, especially old news Queen Moroka.
I have no personal vendetta against Queen or Sophie for that matter, but taking into consideration the current situation as it unfolds in Generations’, I therefore urge Queen to consider quitting and give aspirant new actors a chance to show case their talents. I understand that she makes a living by being in front of a camera, but don’t you think her service in Generations is of no value anymore if the writing team fails to develop her storyline going forward.


4 responses

  1. A big NO

  2. no? queen will be back on fire

  3. The riter of dis ad: you are heartles u shudv`e b3n curse cos ur portraying wht u get and use it as advantage agynst Queen. I don’t like u. Do u knw hw das it feels if someone is riting bad stuff bout u? I mean ur an adult bt your actions r like a primary poofters. You suck who ever the riter is of this advertisement. Your selfish y du u hve 2 rite such stuff about queen?

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