Climax hits Muvhango set: An open letter to scheming Meme Kotsokoane.

Climax hits Muvhango set: An open letter to scheming Meme Kotsokoane.

By Mokgopo Tilo.

Dear Muvhango’s “Ms Kotsokoane soon to be Mrs Mokoena,” scheming Mamello.

I understand your heart is hurt right now and you are probably in denial that Pheko has been cheating on you with his ex-fiancé but that’s true, Pheko has been two-timing you my dear. Sorry if you consider my opening sentence inconsiderate and does not show any sense of delicacy but I prefer to say things as I see them.
And no, the pictures that KK showed you were neither photoshoped nor did he hire out actors to portray Thandaza and Pheko kissing. What you see in the photos is a pure reflection of reality, ms goody two shoes or Thandi, as you prefer you call her, has been finding solace in Pheko’s 4-5 right on top on MH’s CEO desk. For your information, they played funky-limpy-pinky twice in a row. Is pity you only saw the pictures and not a video, or else you were going to faint of stress-depression, their kisses were out of this world, deep, intimate and sexy, yummy!
Nonetheless, I want to reaffirm my support and love for you. I want you to know that you remain my favourite character in the soapie and I want to believe your tricks will turn the situation around. And oh, wait a little bit, by tricks I’m not referring to suicidal attempt neh? That should be a no go area, I don’t want to lose you.
I think you and I have something in common, we all want to see Thandaza unhappy and I think this is the perfect time to materialise our wish. You haven’t lost much and compared to what Thandaza might lose at the end of this chaotic situation, she has a higher price to lose; Ranthumeng and the Mukwevhos might reject her, her career down the drain and reputation defamed. So I suggest you brace yourself and act as soon as possible on whatever vindictive plan you might have up your sleeves.
I would be the first person to utter laughter of gloat when Thandaza tastes the bitter medicine of her own doings. Ms Goody two shoes is egotistical, proud, thinks the world revolve around her, bossy, pretends to be holly holly and thinks she has the power over people, I hate her for that. She seems to forget that she is where she is today by default. In fact she was parachuted into the position by her in laws when she was still married to Ndalamo because the Mukwevho’s wanted someone whom they can use to consolidate their power in the company against their arch-rivals, the Mokoenas.
So, my sister, I therefore urge you to be strong, like Zahara says, Sul’ezonyembezi mntakwethu and fight your battle revitalised and focused. One frank advice, don’t ever think of seeking comfort in the hands of a dead man, KK. The Boom Boom factor cannot be trusted.


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