Muvhango’s Pheko and Thandaza adulterous kiss- KK blackmails them

Muvhango’s Pheko and Thandaza adulterous kiss- KK blackmails them

By Mokgopo Tilo.

He’s a dead man walking. The ancestors sent him back to life because he was probably turning their heads around. One journalist labelled him “King Kong” and everyone knows for sure he’s a villain. He leaves a ghost finger prints to whatever he touches and Muvhango community learnt not to mess up with shrewd Khakhathi Mulaudzi. But Thandaza and Pheko defied the odd by crossing the line and they are going to pay, big time.
When sly and manipulative Meme Kotsokoane and soft spoken Pheko Mokoena came creeping back onto our screens as a couple, KK became suspicious from the first day and never bought the “engaged to get married” rhetoric. Unlike KK, everyone saw the ‘happy couple’ as saints sent by God to come to the companies’ (both Masase and MH) rescue. Thandaza’s soft spot towards her ex-lover saw her making irrational decisions. She vouched for him before the board of directors so that he may have signing powers. But that’s not the end of the story; Pheko and her were always the last people to leave office, of course the outcome of her constantly working late caused tension in the Mokoena household and even pushed Ranthumeng to jumping into bed with his baby mother, Tebogo. And of Course Ms Bu and Pheko’s professional relationship ended up being a funky-linky-pinky-under-blanky fixture, much delight to King Kong.
Every man works for himself to pursue his own personal interests and the game has just started. KK will continue using the pictures that are currently at his disposal to blackmail Pheko. The truth is KK wants Meme and he will do anything is his power to get her back. KK’s plan is to use Pheko to break Meme’s heart, knowing that when Meme is vulnerable and heartbroken, she will run straight into his abusive hands to see solace in.
Is about time Thandaza gets off her high horse. She’s not all innocent and goody-goody as people perceive her to be. It’s a public knowledge that Thandaza is my least favourite person and I’m not even ashamed to reaffirm my no support for her once again. I hate her bossy character; she is arrogant and proud and thinks the world revolve around her. I’m crossing my fingers with the hope that Tebogo is pregnant with Ranthumeng’s second child. I would be taking a closer look at the situation and I would be the first person to utter laughter of gloat when Ranthumeng dumps her for good.
Amidst this situation, it seems that Pheko has lost focus of the actual plan; praises due to scheming Mamello who is always there to pat him at the back. The initial plan is to sell Onkgopotse Pharmaceutical and pay off the 25 Million debt. But no; Pheko is on the other hand preoccupied with not wanting to hurt Thandaza’s feelings. Dear, Thandaza would not be there to rescue you when you are blacklisted and have to rely on Bree taxis for mobility. I genuinely don’t support their malevolence plan but given the unfortunate circumstance, my stance is vague.
The question that I have is: will Pheko bow down to KK’s demands; break up with Meme and save Thandaza’s intergrity, leave town and never come back or defy him? Bear in mind that Pheko has a lot to lose and not only will him suffer the severe repercussions, but Thandaza as well. *whistle* boss-o ke mang?



Picture: TV SA.


4 responses

  1. She loves Pheko,shem Ranthumeng wa batho,Fight for your Wife.

  2. they were meant to be together like this and stop acting childish thandaza is pheko’s match and ranthumeng is teboho’s match and kk is meme’s match

  3. no for what lerato why mst he fight the battle he already lost

  4. i lyk dat

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