By Mokgopo Tilo

In today’s intimate society, a lot of people seem to be preoccupied with how other people look and dress up. What I find funny is the fact that people who like to meddle in other people’s business seldom take time to introspect themselves before they could jump and adjudicate others. The truth is, le ge re le ba peu ye tee, we are not homogeneous but heterogeneous as far as physical appearances are concerned.
The way I (I’m going to use ‘I’ in a general sense to refer to all human creatures) look and dress up, does it matter? Why do people like to say others are not ‘on’, ‘hot’, or ‘beautiful?’ Okay, what is beauty then? Because where I’m sitting I’m struggling to define beauty. Just like former controversial queen of bling-bling, Khanyi Mbau, I’m not going to allow someone’s “philosophy to be my truth.”
Okay, this is how I see things; beauty is nothing but a Eurocentric concept. What I’m saying is that beauty is a Western term that was coined to differentiate “the West from the rest.” And today, a lot of people appear to analyse beauty from a Eurocentric perspective. I was really taken aback by some people’s comments which have been doing rounds in the past few weeks concerning Generations’ Maggie Beneddict (Akhona) and Muvhango’s Maumela Mahuwa (Suzan). Social networks went abuzz with derogatory comments that Akhona should go to Muvhango and be Suzan’s sister because, the two of them look like and in simple language; they don’t fit within the realms of white man’s idea of beauty. Such comments are both derogatory and immoral.
I want to believe that beauty is subjective. What you find beautiful might mean a complete different to the next person. So what gives a person a right to say someone is not beautiful? Do I need someone to tell me that I’m beautiful? Like I said before, we are heterogeneous, we can’t all be the same or look alike for that matter; and according to me, and we are all DIFFERENTLY BEAUTIFUL.
There’s this growing tendency on social networks in which people post their pictures and say “rate me out of 10” or “how do I look?” Really, do you need people to tell you how you look? So, how you look today is determined by someone’s comment that worth less than 2c? Ijo! People will truant your confidence if you allow them to.
Despite talented Maggie and Mahumela, other celebrities who have been subjected to derogatory comments include: Generations’ Winnie Modise (Khethiwe), Kaizer Chiefs striker (Reneilwe Letsoelenyana) and adding to the list is the lady who appears on Amarula advert. There are other factors that surpass beauty in significance but unfortunately beauty seems to be everything. IS ALL ABOUT BEAUTY AND BEAUTY!!


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