Mam’gobozi: Dealing with jealous and nosy neighbours


By Mokgopo Tilo

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘neighbour?’ Mhm, all our neighbours are different. They have diverse character traits. Some are lovely, supportive and understanding; and some, on the other hand, appears to epitomize  absolute, complete different personalities.


They are rude, interfering, jealous and troublesome. Even though we might have different neighbours over time, many would agree that neighbours are troublesome and like snooping their noses in matters that are none of their concern. Well, that’s neighbours for you dear.

I’m not withholding the fact that I’m someone’s neighbour and sometimes I like to know what my neighbours are up to. That’s true. Don’t you sometimes like meddling, if I may say so, in your neighbours business? Want to know whose car parked in front of their gate, and what the furniture car delivered in their household?


There is no need to be shy and lie about it, once in our life time we threaded along this line and it is very understandable, we are all human beings and one thing that best defined an ideal human being, according to me, is being nosy. But you need to understand that some neighbours take it to extreme level and that’s exactly the kind of neighbours I want to talk about.


I’ve seen a lot of neighbours cut communication ties all because of jealous. Many would agree with me that jealousy remains a main factor in the squabbles that may arise between neighbours.


Remember the hit track that Limpopo song bird, Pleasure, made about gossiping and people who like meddling in other people’s businesses? Well, that track, Dipolelo, best known as Mamgobozi best summarizes all the key elements of tonight’s topic. Some gogos like to say, “ge nkabe ke na le tshelete, ruri ke be ke tla aga STOP NONSENSE.”


But why should we care when people talk junk about us? Should we just turn a blind eye and move on? Like Pleasure, I don’t really care ge batho ba thepela dipitša ka nna. Dipolelo ke mabitla, and as Pleasure puts it, “ga ke tshabe mamogobozi ge a dira mošomo wa gagwe.”


But some people can’t really stand nosy neighbours. Confrontation has become their daily language. Very understandable, imagine you are walking and people start pointing fingers at you saying “this is the one.”


So what? Yes I failed grade 11 four times, my brother and I don’t get along nicely, I cook and eat my own food at home separate from everyone, so how’s that a public interest? Some people don’t like being the talk of the village.


One thing that I’ve noticed about extreme jealous neighbours is that they like to imitate what you do. If you buy a fridge, for example, they go buy a bed. Then you decide to buy a car, they renovate their house. Ehe, BATHO BA TLA KGAMA KE DIKOLOTO KE YA GO BOTSA KA LEBAKA LA THABISO WA MONA.


The last thing that I can say about nosy neighbours is that they are just jealous. If you buy something, they are quick to jump in and say “ke fake” or “is beautiful but it should have been red” or “it’s okay but not better than Matome’s” Well, “at least I have something that you don’t have, so stop being jealous,” tell them. They always have something to say just to bring you down. So, you just have to find a way to work around them.


Thursday, February 21                    21:50


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