Generations’ actors leak their salaries.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Generations’ boss Mfundi Vundla and the show’s producer, Friedrich Stark told the media on Friday that Generations actors are among the best paid actors in the industry with some of the cast members earning an average of R55 000 per month.

The MMSV productions, the company that produces Generations and the SABC have since lambasted the actors’ demands, saying what they are asking for is nonsensical and to some certain extend impossible in the context of South African economic climate.

But the actors of the most watched show in the country have retaliated, arguing that the public have been misled. In an attempt to get the public’s sympathy, the actors have leaked a document stipulating their demands and how much they are currently earning, the Sunday World reported.


Generations’ boss says the show will go on without the fired actors.

The lowest paid actors on Generations’ set are: Zenande Mfenyane (Noluntu Memela), Anga Makubalo (MJ) and Mandla Gaduka (Choppa) who earn an average of between R5 500 and R8 000 a week. In calculation, it means the three earn between R22 000 and R32 000 per month. The three demand that their wages be increased to R12 000 a week (R48 000 a month)

The newspaper also reported that Zolisa Xaluva (Jason), Slindile Nodangala (Ruby) and Thato Molamu (Nicholas) pocket an average of between R9 000 and R11 000 a week. In calculation, the three actors earn between R36 000 and R44 000 a month. They demand that their rates be increased to R16 000 a week (R64 000 a month).

It is believed that Thami Mngqolo (Senzo), Katlego Danke (Dineo) and Winnie Modise (Khetiwe) pocket an average of between R11 000 and R13 000 a week. In calculation, the three actors earn an average of between R44 000 and R52 000 a month. The three actors now demand they earn a wage of R20 000 a week (R80 000 a month)


Choppa is among the least paid actors on Generations.

Sophie Ndaba, the only original cast who’s been with the soapie since inception, is currently earning an average of R17 000 a week. In calculation, the actor earns an average of R68 000 a month. The darling of Generations now demands an increase of over 40% to her salary to an average of R30 000 a week (R120 000 a month).

The Generations fired actors are set to hold their own media briefing tomorrow. They are expected to respond back to the MMSV and SABC’s allegations at a media conference held on Friday. At the briefing, Mfundi said the door is still open for the actors on a condition they stop with their ridiculous demands and agree with the terms and conditions of the production company.

The Generations’ boss on Friday played a victim card claiming that the actors have betrayed him even though he’s been far too kind on them.


Pictures: City Press and TV Plus.


Pleasure tsa manyalo: Gadifele o na le matepe.


Pleasure’s Wedding Girls’ new album, it’s a wedding day has given life to the manyalo industry. The industry has since been abuzz with excitement following the release of the album on Saturday 2 August 2014.

It’s a wedding day remains the fourth album for Pleasure’s Wedding Girls and succeeds the hit album, Kgalemela lenyatso. The album comprises of many hit tracks of the likes of Lenyalong, Re tlo bina, Re kwele, Rakgadi, Tselane inter alia.

Among many other songs, one song that has really captured the attention of various people is called Gadifele. The track is indeed ear-deserving and its heavy lyrics contribute immensely to the rhythm of the song.

What is Gadifele all about?

Are you that troubled makoti (let’s name her Madimabe for argument’s sake) who is continually tormented by a spoilt brat sister in law that you always have to cook for and clean after while she does nothing expect for chatting on facebook and whatsApp, watch television and sleep? Then Gadifele is your song.

Simply put, the song Gadifele narrates a sad story of Madimabe who has been turned into a personal slave of her sister in law who happened to be the last born in the family. Gadifele is the name of this last born.

Bjale ge, Gadifele ga a tepelele ke matepe ke ntla o bone; o šikinya le badimo ba ithobaletše mabitleng. Ka ganong ga a ba be ke pherefere o re haaa! Kgotla o mone o wa e fetoša ya ba tholla ya tshatshara. Gape ke phejane, lehuna lena la mmagwe. Go tepelele mo o dirišwa ke mmagwe wa go se mo kgalemele.


The opening line sets the emotional tone of the song. It says: “Mmmm, le wena o tla nyalwa o tla di bona.” Just from this line only, Pleasure deposits the mood of the whole song. But of course it is not the poor Madimabe who confronts Gadifele, but her cousin.

“Gadifele ngwana rakgadi wena o na le matepe ke gona ge ba re o fejane ba go swara bjale ka lee?” The cousin expresses her disappointment after she was not impressed in the manner in which Gadifele treats her sister in law, Madimabe.

She goes further to say “o tlaiša mogadibo wa gago mmago ga a go kgalemele ge o re ‘mosadi ke tshwene o lewa matsogo. Gadifele ba go hlatswetša, mogadibo wa gago wa go apeela ebile o wa go swielela sa gago ke go robala,” the cousin lambasts Gadifele over her unacceptable behavior.

But I like the cousin. She doesn’t call Gadifele to order and thereafter leave her to focus on other things. She goes further to give her a valuable advice that Gadifele would be a fool if she wishes to ignore it.

“Gadifele le wena o tla nyalwa o tla di bona tša mo o yang gona.”

Although the cousin is not explicit about it, she, however, hints that instead of spoiling Gadifele and encouraging her to continue with her evil deeds, Gadifele’s mom, as a woman, should sits down her daughter and teach her the right values for when the time gets ripe, Gadifele will walk down the down and will get to experience the many hardships that women go through in marriage on a daily basis.

So, it is within her mother’s rights to teach Gadifele from a young age how to behave and treat other people with dignity and respect they deserve. That’s what the cousin argues, I think!

Splendid! Perfect!*****************Splendid! Perfect!

To download Gadifele go here:






Muvhango’s Khomotjo trial begins, will she win?

Khomotjo 2

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

A good girl gone bad! It has never crossed Khomotjo’s mind that one day she will be standing before the judge fighting to stay out of prison. Not that she’s negatively affected by the drama that is currently unfolding around her; in fact the beauty queen loves all the publicity the trial attracts.

Ordinarily Khomotjo would not have made headlines of many prominent provincial and national newspapers. She wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sit down for interview with Leanne Manas of Morning Live and her name would not have trended on social media in the past few days. These are some of the positive spin-offs the trial has brought her, she maintains.

But the nightmare is yet to come. The court case of Khomotjo Mojalefa (Ramie Chuene) and co-accused Bobo Mabusela (Charles Baloyi) kicks off today, Friday 22 August 2014. The two stand accused for attempted murder.

Bobo is being implicated in this scandal because he supplied Khomotjo with poison to kill Lerumo (John Morapama) plus the hijacking. But of course Khomotjo is denying everything. She pleaded not guilty and continues writing her own script.

She doesn’t trust anyone but herself, not even the only two people (Carol and the lawyer) who are willing to fight for her. The diva is sticking to own bogus script. She argues that she’s been framed because Lerumo and her family want to get rid of her as that will make it easier for them to have absolute control over her wealth, something that they always wanted.

The truth is Khomotjo attempted to kill Lerumo and for that she will have to face the consequences. No matter how hard we may endeavor to dodge the issue because it does not settle well with us, Khomotjo has trespassed the law and it wouldn’t look good if she goes unpunished.

Attempted murder is a serious offence in South Africa and elsewhere in the world and people who are found guilty of such offence often receive heavy sentencing and not just a slap on a wrist.

But now let’s flip the coin and look at this issue from a different perspective. Lerumo and Moriti have wronged Khomotjo big time. I understand what pushed Khomotjo to behave in the manner she had. To some certain extend I sympathize with her.

Lerumo always wanted to see Khomotjo begging in the streets but unfortunately fate does not allow him that satisfaction. When Lerumo first arrive in Gauteng he threw out Khomotjo in the old Mojalefa house thinking she will turn into a streets gogo.

Stress free, Khomotjo left and moved in the new mansion Phatudi had bought her just before he passed on. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Lerumo went after Khomotjo and demanded that he too move into the new house.

It wasn’t long before Moriti came knocking on Khomotjo’s door with her two kids in row and of course Khomotjo was not  consulted. Worse enough Lerumo and Moriti never bothered to teach Mangwashe and Thobela to respect Khomotjo as their ‘father’s wife.’

Lerumo is insane, why didn’t he invite his family to stay in the old house and leave Khomotjo alone? But apparently the old house is not that classy for the Mojalefas anymore, in fact Lerumo and Moriti wanted Khomotjo to move back in the old house and leave them to enjoy the comfortability of the new house alone.

Although she had her own ulterior motives at the time, Khomotjo stepped down as the chairperson of MMC. She did so willingly so that she could make a way for Lerumo but ungrateful maneer Mojalefa seems to have forgotten.

The word ‘perfect’ cannot be used in the same line as Khomotjo but Phatudi loved Khomotjo with her many flaws. Who is Lerumo to come today and say ‘you are a disgrace to the Mojalefa family?’ why didn’t he say those things while Phatudi was still alive?

Bobo’s account of the whole debacle may not do Khomotjo justice and for that she might be found guilty. But perhaps the judge might go easy on her if Khomotjo tells all the bad things that Lerumo and Moriti have done to her.

“Free our Khomotjo.”

picture: twitter




Muvhango’s Azwindini in love affair with Chichi?


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

It seems love is in the air on Muvhango set! Beautiful and sexy chomee on the lap of Muvhango’s polygamous chief, Azwindi Mukwevho (Gabriel Temudzani) can only be interpreted as, ‘the fifth wife for the royal house coming soon.’

According to the Sunday World, scandal prone Chomee (real name Thulisile Madihlaba) who plays the role of Chichi in the SABC 2’s flagship property, Muvhango, posted the picture above on instagram with the caption “Guess what’s next in the Muvhango storyline.”

The picture was later removed following nasty comments from her followers who deemed it as distasteful.

Could it be true? Azwindini and Choome rub bellies?

At this stage we can only speculate but history has it that Azwindini’s weakness lies with women. His roving eyes did not stop him from jumping into bed with the younger sister of his third wife, Pfulwani.

Even though Azwindini’s dignity was taunted and trampled on after the Sundani saga, still he continued protecting his fling with Sundani. Knowing how weak Azwindi is when it comes to women, Suzan and Pfulwani remained anxious when Seani was employed to help with the domestic chores at the royal house. The two then devised a plan to get rid of their ‘problem’ but luckily Vhangani came to the rescue and married Seani before things spiraled out of control.

As a chief, it is against Azwindini’s principles to have a mistress and yes his culture dictates that he can marry as many women as he wants. Azwindini has married all the women she had dated. Could we see Azwindini and Chichi walking down the down if there’s something going on between the two? Chichi is obviously not a rural woman, what would happen to her if she says the three words ‘yes, I do’?

Muvhango airs every weekday at 21:00 only on SABC 2 and watch as the story unfolds.


Picture: Sunday World.




Noluntu, Khomotjo & Shakira: Meet your television divas.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

We love to hate them. They vava-voom the television industry. They give us more than one reason to turn on our small screens. To some certain extend television would have been dull and monotonous without their characters. They are not villains but divas. They think highly of themselves and always want to be at the centre of attention. Aredifefere picks up the top three television divas.

  • Generations’ Noluntu

Noluntu Memela 2

She’s the queen of scandals but highly educated, make no mistake about it. Noluntu Memela has shown little respect to many people around her. It does not come as a surprise she’s lonely and without friends.

She’s bossy and stubborn and I would like to argue that her personality scares off potential boyfriends. Who has Noluntu dated since she arrived back from oversees? The answer is simple, no one!

Noluntu Memela 1 

It came as a surprise to many of us when Noluntu seduced out of closeted Senzo Dlomo. We thought Noluntu was a bright girl who would not let anything get her down but we learnt that no matter how strong and vicious, one cannot deny the strong feelings s/he has for someone.

Noluntu fondled with Senzo’s toothpick. It wasn’t long before the bun in the oven started ballooning out of control; but still, Noluntu continued walking tall and proud and allowed no one to walk over her. She stood up to S’busiso in many occasions and having learnt that Mawande conspired with the Dlomos behind her, she resorted to drugging the mother and that’s how the “Laughing Like Mawande” joke came about.

Noluntu Memela

Please stand up and give that lady a round of applause. 7.5 Out of a 10 for Noluntu. I tried to be generous but unfortunately divas know better. Turning herself into a homemade porn star, recording a sex tape, sleeping with a gay Senzo and failing to clean after herself is against diva the decorum my dear. Plus Noluntu is slowly losing her grip and Priska is rising to the Generations’ diva ranks.

  • Muvhango’s Khomotjo.


Embattled Khomotjo Mojalefa loves attention. She would do whatever it takes to attract attention to her. The concept of negative publicity is nothing but a fallacy; every publicity is a good publicity, she thinks.

Khomotjo 2

She has made herself clear to MMC’s motto mouth receptionist, Nonny that she does not hang around with the riff raffs. She only dines with people of high LSM. At some point she compared herself to the USA’s first lady, Michelle Obama.

Khomotjo 4

Tryphinah knows Khomotjo very well. She has to choose her words carefully when around the self proclaimed queen of Seshego boss. The fact that Tryphinah does not have all the privileges Khomotjo has gives the latter all the ammunitions to walk over the former. Khomotjo once told Tryphinah in a heated argument that the value of her one handbag can build Tryphinah a house in Seshego.

khomotjo 5

Give that woman a bells. I give her a 7.8 out of a 10. I could have been more generous except for that she’s been rocking the same hair style for one full year. Those braids can cost between R300-R350 to plat. How many pairs of shoes does she own? No dear, that’s not how divas roll.

  • Scandal! Shakira.

shakira SCANDAL 1

Shakira is a bastard! She’s obsessed with power and influence. History has it on record that Shakira will do anything just to stay on top. Her former colleagues know that Shakira does not have friends unless if she wants to use you to advance her secret motives.

I don’t have to bore you with the public knowledge details about her cat-dog fights with Thembeka who’s also a super diva in her own rights. Just like her counterpart, Thembeka’s smile is seldom genuine. She’s clear about what she wants and always has plans up her sleeves to accomplish her missions.

shakira SCANDAL 2

Shakira was a ‘madam from hell’ to a ‘terrified defenseless maid.’ If you ask the maid about Shakira, she will have little to say about the good things but plenty of bad things to utter about her former boss. The poor woman was always scared for her life and you could see it written all over her face that she was not free in the presence of the MADAME!

shakira SCANDAL

Let’s clap twice for Shakira. 8 out of 10 for Mrs Nyathi. The fall of the mighty diva has worked to her detriment. I could have been more generous.


Pictures: Facebook, twitter and e-tv

Generations might kill fired actors, go off air and recast.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

SABC 1 flagship property, Generations does not have enough content to keep the show on our small screens for the next coming three months, the City Press reported.

This despite the promise made by the show’s creator, Mfundi Vundla that measures are put in place to ensure that the show goes on. But the newspaper has learnt that the Generations’ creativity team has a very serious task that needs urgent attention.

“The only way to survive this is if Generations goes off air for a while to allow writers to come up with a new story and cast new faces,” a former writer who described the situation as a catastrophe told the newspaper.

A former executive producer added; “producers have a little to go on with her because they lost a lot of time in production last year. The best thing to do would be to kill the fired actors, go off air and recast.”

The Generations production suffered a major blow last week when the actors revived the strike they put on hold last year November following the intervention from the SABC top brass. On Monday 18 August the production house responded by firing the 16 principal cast members that embarked on a strike.

The actors have since vowed to consider their legal options against the production house, MMSV and the public broadcaster, SABC.


The media don’t support fired Generations actors.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

The South African media is hypocritical and selfish. The media do not have the best interest of Generations’ actors at heart. Instead of using their platforms to mobilize support and show sympathy towards the victims, they actually turn against them and most importantly, mock them.

I don’t think the embattled Generations actors would appreciate any call stating, “now that Menzi Ngubane has been fired from Generations, who do you think is best suited for the role of S’busiso?” or “kindly advice Mfundi how he should write off the 16 fired actors.”

Those fired Generations actors want their jobs back and they are very clear about it. They are the victims of unfair labour practice, even though someone might want to say “Tilo don’t you think is better you leave that matter to the court to decide?”

Generations actors have been very vocal on social media, using twitter and facebook to mobilize support for themselves and keep their fans updated with the latest developments. The actors are painting a united picture in the public eye. You’d get Zenande Mfenyane, for example, tweeting to her followers and in the same tweet she would tag her fellow colleagues, who, in reciprocate, retweet the post.

But the media, on the other hand, wants to produce content that will scare off the readers in a good way. The truth is competition is tight online. We are competing for the same audience. All the media publications that you could think of, from your Daily Sun to the Mail & Guardian, City Press and Sunday Time including your blogs and Aredifefere material have all written about the Generations saga.

We all want to own the story. We all want to keep these massive audiences glued to our platforms. As the media, we only owe allegiance to the numbers we generate from our posts. When the Generations actors say #boycottGenerations, we protest. We push the fans to continue watching Generations.

We are very stupid-clever and insensitive in the manner in which we approach the situation. We don’t stand by the actors. We want them off the picture. We are asking too much from their fans. We want the fans to turn against the people they support and love so much. The media say “forget about them. They are in the past, the future looks bright.  Let’s suggest the new Generations actors to keep the show going.” The hashtag #Generations has been turned into our space to spit in the faces of the actors. We deliver the content right in front of their eyes.

We are playing this kind of a game because tomorrow we want to run after Thato Molamu and come up with explosive headline: “EXCLUSIVE: Former Generations heartthrob in financial crisis. He has no place to sleep plus friends desert him. ‘I regret participating in the Generations strike.’”

My advice to the 16 Generations actors is to never trust the media. The truth is the media has delegitimized the genuine call from the actors. Don’t trust us. We are very active vultures only interested in sales and the number of views we get on our online platforms. This is a very delicate issue and we are not treating it as such. We always want to be on top of our competition and we can only do so if we throw back our sympathetic and fragile feelings.

We are cut from the same cloth, even though some are better than others.


Generations Nicholas gets a new television job!


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Thato Molamu moves to SABC 2. This after he was revealed as the presenter of a new game show called What’s Behind The Wall. The show will premiere on 1 September 2014 at 7 PM.

This gig is set to be Thato’s debut in presenting. Sharing the good news with his instagram followers, the North West born actor said “My journey into presenting my first game show ever as an artist #WhatsBehindTheWall.

Thato expressed his palpable excitement about his new venture. Just yesterday, he was fired from South Africa’s biggest daily prime time show, Generations. Thato was part of the faction that embarked on a strike for better employment salaries, contractual issues and royalty fees among others.

The Generations actors have since released a statement saying they remain unshaken and will continue fighting for their rights.

One lucky winner of What’s Behind The Wall is set to go walk away with exciting R80 000.


Picture: Sunday World.

Generations MJ, Noluntu, Queen and Dineo did not watch last night’s episode after being fired.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Generations former actors are up in arms. They want to see Generations boycotted, a sentiment widely shared by their fans and supporters.

Anga Makubalo tweeted: “O_O @Iam_Matshidiso: @I_am_SinanzoS @NaakmusiQ @Zenande_Mcfen @Sophla_Ndaba @KatlegoDanke didn’t watch the episode wat happened exactly”

Anga went further to express his grievances, this time reiterating his support to boycott Generations. “@Mawijo_11: @NaakmusiQ @Zenande_Mcfen @KatlegoDanke u can’t make millions and get paid amadobhi (peanuts)” #boycottGenerations

His esteemed colleague, Sophie Ndaba who has been with the soapie for almost 21 years, could not agree more. Sophie took swipe at the channel, SABC 1, accusing it for being disloyal towards the Generations actors. She tweeted “@Dineo442: @Sophla_Ndaba @KatlegoDanke @Zenande_Mcfen this is so true. We were loyal to the show and #Mfundi @official_SABC1 ain’t loyal.

Sophie also reiterated the call not to watch Generations anymore. She said: “No more watching @official_SABC1 #BringBackOurGenerations.

Following the public statement indicating that the 16 Generations actors that took part in the strike have been shown the door, twitter and facebook expressed revolt. It wasn’t long before the hashtags #bringbackouractors and #boycottGenerations started trending.

Fans reacted: MMSV and the SABC should reinstate the actors’ contracts or the public broadcaster will kiss goodbye their viewership

@IamDineo: “@Zenande_Mcfen @Sophla_Ndaba @KatlegoDanke we watched cause of you. We knew that the storyline was kak so I guess it’s goodbye to Generations.

@Deartroublegal: @Sophla_Ndaba as viwers we are all behind yall (sic) all the way. It’s your rights.

@SibonginkosiMM: @Nambitha #BoycottGenerations we love you guys and we support you hundred percent. Come 8 PM it’s remote in a hand changing channel bye Mfundi & co

@Sihle_Mamputla: After years of hard work you guys shouldn’t even be striking, you should be given what is rightfully yours. @Zenande_Mcfen ya’ll (sic) are not alone.

@SizweRush1: @ThatoMolamu you guys are not alone and we’ll help you fight this.

@MandlaMongo: @NaakmusiQ @ThatoMolamu we will fight for you guys as your fans. It’s high time we show Mfundi that we are important as well. We have to #boycottGenerations.

This is what A re di fefere said previously:

Suppose MMSV productions does not take back the actors, what will happen to their career? I don’t think the actors will go to the gutter. Already Generations actors are highly respected in the industry. A lot of production houses, even those operating outside the SABC, will pay fortunes just to have your Sophie Ndaba, Katlego Danke, Nambitha Mpumlwana, for example, join their productions although it will take a lot of time and effort to remove their Generations characters in the minds of many television viewers.

Firing the 16 actors could be the biggest mistake that the SABC and MMSV have ever made. In the past many actors have left the Generations set but they did so individually and again in different times. The situation today is absolutely different. You fire all the principal cast at once and expect to maintain the same viewership? How do you convince prominent advertisers that all is well? Perhaps some advertisers cough up approximately R200 000 to advertisers during Generations only because of Menzi or Sophie’s face.







EXCLUSIVE: How Sophie Ndaba’s career ended with Generations plus will the actors go begging in the streets?


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

We never thought we’ll live to see the dawn of this day. We always knew it was inevitable but we just did not expect it to happen so sudden and most importantly not under this circumstance. But unfortunately Sophie Ndaba and Generations have reached a cul-de-sac.

It has been confirmed that Sophie Ndaba and Generations have parted ways. This after Sophie and colleagues embarked on a one week strike over contractual and royalty fees among others. The actors refused to report for work on Monday 18 August 2014 and the production house and SABC responded by terminating their contracts with immediate effect.

Sophie remains the only original cast for Generations. She has been with the soapie for almost 21 years. To some certain extent, Sophie, who is affectionately known for her onscreen name, Queen Moroka, is synonymous to Generations and vice versa.

All the actors she had worked with from the first season of Generations have all left the production over the years. In many interviews with the media, Sophie took pride of her work at Generations. She could not stop bragging about how the Generations production has groomed her to become the brand she is today.

Sophie has a lucrative fan base that has been there for her through thick and thin. They celebrated with her when she walked down the aisle and equally sympathized with her when her dirty laundry was splashed all over the tabloid newspapers and magazines for everyone to read and see how she looks without her artificial front teeth.

Sophie remains the ‘darling’ of her supporters. She remains one of the most influential television personalities in South Africa. Her down to earth and approachable personality has helped her interact with fans in many different occasions.

But unfortunately it is the end of the road. Come October there’ll be no Queen Moroka portrayed by Sophie Ndaba on SABC 1 at 20:00. Generations’ creator, Mfundi Vundla remains steadfast-all the actors (including Sophie) participating in the strike have been fired.

“These actors found Generations in existence, there were other actors before and there will be other actors in the future,” Mfundi said on 702 talk radio. Mfundi emphasized the fact that Generations will continue playing on SABC 1.

Is this the end of the road for fired actors?

The axed cast members have issued a statement emphasizing their position. They expressed disappointment in the manner in which the SABC and MMSV productions handled the issue. The actors vowed to consider their legal options.

Suppose MMSV productions does not take back the actors, what will happen to their career? I don’t think the actors will go to the gutter. Already Generations actors are highly respected in the industry. A lot of production houses, even those operating outside the SABC, will pay fortunes just to have your Sophie Ndaba, Katlego Danke, Nambitha Mpumlwana, for example, join their productions although it will take a lot of time and effort to remove their Generations characters in the minds of many television viewers.

In April this year, Muvhango posted on their facebook page as a prank call that Menzi Ngubane will be joining their ensemble cast. That, according me, proved just how producers would do anything just to attract Generations actors to join their programme considering the number of fans or followers they have in a bag.

Unconfirmed rumour has it that Julius Malema and partner in crime, Floyd Shivambu have been banned from the SABC’s live programmes. We can only pray that the SABC does not ban the 16 fired actors from ever acting in any of the productions that will play on the broadcasters’ three free to air channels or influence the producers in any way not to consider the actors for any role.

The biggest mistake from MMSV and SABC

Firing the 16 actors could be the biggest mistake that the SABC and MMSV have ever made. In the past many actors have left the Generations set but they did so individually and again in different times. The situation today is absolutely different. You fire all the principal cast at once and expect to maintain the same viewership? How do you convince prominent advertisers that all is well? Perhaps some advertisers cough up approximately R200 000 to advertisers during Generations only because of Menzi or Sophie’s face.

I would love to see Generations continue maintaining its over +7 million viewership daily. But I can’t hide my skepticism though.






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