Khomotjo’s wedding: an awarding winning episode for Muvhango.

Khomotjo’s wedding: an awarding winning episode for Muvhango.

Seasoned actress, Lydia Mokgokoloshi.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Jealousy be not proud and allow me to tell the truth, Khomotjo’s traditional wedding to Lerumo was one of the bests in the South African television industry. The concept was amazing and well executed.

As a young Pedi man who’s very proud of his culture and origin, tonight I saw myself on Muvhango set. At least my culture was well represented. The singing, dancing, attire and language amongst others, were well researched and the directing team did a very brilliant job, well done!

Ke bone kobo tša go aparwa ke basadi ba ga-Sekhukhune, kobo tša basadi ba ga-sekgopo le bapedi ka moka ka bophara. Seo, ka kwa se ntshikinya le gore badimo wa mywemywele ba le mabitleng.

With only the exception of Tryphina and Moriti, the wardrobe was stunningly beautiful and as Vusi predicted, Thandaza did not only out dress the bride, but everyone who attended the wedding. The MMC CEO looked great in her Zulu attire.

Lydia Mokgokoloshi, playing hilarious Mojalefa Koko still has the vava voom to spice up her lines. From the early days of Bophelo ke Semphego, Lydia’s acting was always eye deserving. Today she really spiced up Khomotjo-Lerumo’s wedding.

Although it was unfortunate Khomotjo’s uncles and aunts were not given a platform to say a word to their daughter as she prepares to step in as the second wife to Lerumo (makoti o laiwa ke malome le rakgadi wa gagwe ka setso sa geso), nonetheless, Khomotjo’s posture sent a clear message that she is more than ready to play pretence in the public eye.

“Mosadi yo mobotse so, o be o mmeile kae, o be o mmeile kae, kgale se la, kgale se la wena. Khomotjo wa matsogo a Michell Obama o be o mmeile kae…”


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Lizelle dumps Teko Modise: ‘I thought he was gay!’

Lizelle dumps Teko Modise: ‘I thought he was gay!’

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Hell hath no fury like a woman not poked in bed; and when a man sleeps with his pants on, zipped up and a fastened belt, that’s a nice recipe for separation and or divorce.

Mamelodi Sundowns soccer star is back dominating tabloid media headlines and this time for alleged separation from his celebrity obsessed Fiancée, Lizelle Tabane who shot to fame when she was linked to the then ANCYL power broker, Julius Malema.

In an exclusive interview with a prominent Sunday tabloid newspaper, Lizelle spilt all the beans. She told Sunday Sun of her not so-happy marriage to Teko who is no stranger to failed relationships that either ended in emotional abuse or fist fights.

“He always slept with his clothes on and always passed out before doing anything. At some point I thought he was gay,” Lizelle offered her side of story.

“I’m done with him! I can’t pretend anymore… He always came home from parties and strip clubs at 5 am. I did everything a woman could do to save our relationship. I treated him well but he repaid me with disrespect,” Lizelle was further quoted as saying.

How Teko’s previous marriage ended.

At least gorgeous Lizelle is not crying foul for being Teko’s punching bag. Following Teko’s divorce from his baby mama and ex-wife, Felicia Modise, the latter launched a damning media attack against the former.

Felicia poured her broken heart out on Drum magazine of her marriage of hell to Teko and that after Teko had beaten her to a pulp, she had a miscarriage and the only sympathetic message she got from Teko was “I didn’t want the child anyway.”

“Teko abused me. He hit me more than five times during the time we were together but I never wanted to tell anyone. He was my husband and I loved him,” explained Felicia to Drum magazine.

She continued “I was abused emotionally and physically and there was no love and affection between us anymore. Teko used to choose friends for me and he made it loud and clear that we couldn’t both be celebrities. He wanted me to stop modeling and acting and I wasn’t allowed on Facebook or any social networks. I had to do what he wanted me to do. He controlled me.”

Lizelle-Teko’s separation neither surprising nor inevitable.

Lizelle’s confession that she and Teko are no longer an item does not come as a surprise to me. It has become customary for the couple to sing the “we are no longer together” hymn and thereafter Teko goes running to his uncles to demand the R20 000 lobola from Lizelle’s family and as for Lizelle she will be seen waltzing around with Jo’burg hunks. And weeks thereafter, there’s a change of verse in their hymn as they start singing “we are mending the wall.”


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Generations S’busiso won’t win this game against Dineo.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

S’busiso made the biggest mistake of his life by dismissing Dineo from Ezweni Communications and sabotaging her every chance of securing the Kenyan mobile deal, proclaims Tilo Mokgopo.

S’busiso might have a good record of emerging victorious in all his battles even if it means manipulating the justice system, but with Dineo, the Dlomo power broker has bitten more than he could chew.

Whilst still married to Phenyo, Dineo suffered severe emotional abuse by S’busiso who made her feel less of a woman. The undisputed fact that Dineo cannot carry to terms gave S’busiso ammunition to walk over Dineo. To add salt to the wound, S’busiso thought he can order Dineo around because of the former’s unappealing background and also that her mother is a shebeen queen from Soweto, a complete contrast to the Dlomo’s extravagant lifestyle in the best addresses of Johannesburg.

But it seems Dineo is fed up with being treated like a random girl. The visibly unimpressed Dineo is out for revenge. If Dineo wants S’busiso to taste the bitter medicine of his own doings, I would like to advise her to:

Hit S’busiso where it hurts the most and bring Kenneth Mashaba back. I still remember how desperate S’busiso was to get rid of Mashaba and he managed to achieve his goals through the help of Dineo who also had her ulterior motives at the time.

So now, if Dineo could manage to get Mashaba out of prison, I would inaugurate Dineo the hero of all seasons. It about time somebody teaches delusional Mr. ‘untouchable’ S’busiso a lesson.

Before I forget, congratulations on your new hair style Dinny. It suits you. Smart choice this time neh!


“This is not a platform to offer every voice a chance to presents itself. I’m not interested in absolute truth. My own analysis carries a lot of weight. Believe when you want to believe.” (Mokgopo, T: 2014).

Tsholofelo Monedi deserves that SAFTA award.

Tsholofelo Monedi deserves that SAFTA award.

Tilo Ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

It is not by a mistake that Tsholofelo Monedi won the Best Actress in a TV comedy award at the recent 2014 SAFTA awards. Monedi, who’s best known for her role in Muvhango as conniving and power hungry Mamello Kotsokoane is well placed to walk away with that award.

Monedi was nominated for the role of Tiny she portrayed in the SABC 2 flagship comedy, Skwizas. Her victory was not a walk in a park as she was placed in the same category as the television veterans of the likes of Lilian Dube who has a wealth of experience in television comedy.

It is a public knowledge Tsholofelo is one of my A-list favourite South African television actors. When I read that Tsholofelo was named the winner in the above mentioned category, I shivered a lit bit and thereafter murmured “ijo! at last” with a visibly excited glowing face.
Whether you want to hear it or not, Tsholofelo’s acting skills are on point, and because of that, as a viewer you are able to feel and get connected to all the roles she has portrayed on television.

I was first exposed to her superb talent on Muvhango and immediately she captured my absolute attention. I can only speak for myself, during her turner on Muvhango, she took the soap opera from point A, to point B with many people wondering what stunt she will pull next. I seldom remember that prior to her arrival; it was Pontsho Mokoena portraying the same role.

Her appearance on Intersexion was also eye deserving. Like the Brilliant Tsholofelo Monedi that I know, she brought life and vavavoom to the character she was portraying. Simply put, the energy that she employs on stage is too bright to ignore.

Lately her brilliant work has been noticed since she was nominated at the Royalty soapie awards and now SAFTA awards. It might sound biased and exaggerated but from where I’m standing, it is only right that Tsholofelo win those awards.

It took me years to jump up and down like an innocent kid rejoicing that his mother has brought him sweets for Tsholofelo, and again, I’ll be patiently waiting for that day when Zenande Mfenyane (Noluntu Memela in Generations) and Liteboho Molise (Teboho Mukwevho in Muvhango) win awards in different categories.


“I’m not interested in absolute truth. My own analysis carries a lot of weight.”

Exclusive: Boss ya koša tša manyalo.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo
Nothing but my truth, so help me God.

This is unprecedented. In simple language, I have never done something like this before, and it has never crossed my mind that one day I will find myself doing this; nonetheless, here I am, writing the article.

Boss ya tša manyalo, mmm, this should be a very interesting topic that captures the attention of everyone that follows manyalo music. I’m going to be sensitive and yet critical about the subject matter. Mind you, this is my own analysis of the situation. It does not have to be a gospel truth to you.

To date, aspirant artists from Limpopo who wish to go into the entertainment industry find themselves having little choice but to sing manyalo music. This musical genre is booming at an incredibly high volume thus monopolizing and branding the province as the manyalo province.

Since the advent of this musical genre in the early 2000’s, many artists have deserted their primary genres to sing wedding songs. This is because house, gospel, kwaito, afro pop, soul music etc are no match to manyalo music. In Limpopo if you want to attract the attention of various people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, then sing manyalo music.

Several artists that have made names for themselves in the industry include, inter alia, Pleasure, Makhirikhiri, Malabulabu, Tiisetso Swafo, Ayanda, S George, Doc tsa Manyalo, Makhadzi and previously Lolo Ten Ten, S Mickey, Ester and Mokgakga.

Some of the blasts from the past that have really captured the imaginations of the people include Lefotwana, Nigeria, Khethile Khethile, Sekirileke, Setlapane, Malabulabu, Hlogo ya opa, Lesotho ke rome mang?, Lenyalo la sebjalebjale le monate ka di hunter’s dry, Nkabe dinonyana di kgona go bolela, Se ka ntshwara mo, le mo, le mo monna wa ka o wa boulelwa, Ba re ga o šome darly, monna wa ka ke Lejamboko, Sekgameetse lebitla la mosadi ke bogadi, Ngwano o pakile, Tsheri tshuma lebone, Nkadime diteki ke bine le makoti and many others.

But of all the thousands songs we have in the industry, there’s not even a single track that comes close to Pleasure’s Lefotwana. When we talk about the Makoya, boss ya dikosa tsa manyalo, we talk about Lefotwana.

Of course the profound foundation was laid by Sekgameetse. The song was released only in 2009 and prior to that there were many hit tracks but the real manyalo hit track started with Sekgameetse and because of the vibe and hype that came along with this song, a lot of people were drawn closer to this genre and more and more people came to the fold expressing their keen interests in singing manyalo music.

Even today, 5 years after the song was released, Sekgameetse is still a hit. Thus far the only track in the industry that promises to follow the footprints of “Sekgameetse” and “Lefotwana” is “Laela”, coming from Pleasuretainment stable.

A real hit track will sustain itself in the market even after the expiry of its shelf time. According to me, a track that keeps people on their toes dancing for 10 months cannot be considered a hit track. Perhaps I’m wrong; it could be considered a hit, but a “short term temporary hit track.”

A lot of artists in this industry are renowned of producing temporary hit tracks that fail to sustain them. In many instances, artists produce what many people term as “good” music but the problem begins when the identity of the musicians remain unknown. I can only speak for myself, songs such as “Lesogo ke mang?”, “Re kopane Pretoria” and “Makoti shaker Motshatsha” for example, I have no clue who sings these songs.

In terms of leading male vocalists in the industry, (here I’m solely interested in artists’ vocal capabilities), Tiisetso Swafo and Makhirikhiri take the cup with their rich manly voices. Even though it is only fair to include Thapelo of Malabulabu fame in the list, allow me to exclude him for my own reasons.



And you know things are starting to get exciting when you have a Venda speaking female vocalist singing manyalo music. Makhadzi, who’s only 18 years this year, survived many storms in the industry from exploitation to working without any form of payment. She sings in pure Venda and she’s also fluent in Pedi. I’m not surprised; she grew up in Ga-Sekgopo.

But as talented as they may be, Pleasure remains at the helm of the industry. The lead vocalist of my obvious favourite “Kgalemela lenyatso” has been in the industry for 9 years, only 1 year away from celebrating a decade in the industry. To top it all, she has a wealth of experience under her belt of producing sustainable hit tracks.

Pleasure is the last woman standing. Counting all the artists that rose to fame around the same time as her, all of them are nowhere to be seen today but Pleasure, by contrast, is still doing very great. I’m one person who believes that Pleasure is the best and at least in the near future no artist will claim her position and all is because the gap between her and the first runner up is to huge to fill even in the next coming 10 years.

“Makhuduthamaga ba tseba. Tubatse ba tseba. Fetakgomo ba tseba. Motswaledi ba tseba. Sekhukhune ba tseba gore… BOSS KE MANG,” thanks Masele and Dicksy, I couldn’t have said it much better.

Senzo ruined Kelly Khumalo’s public image.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo


Tingo (Kelly’s second born whom she had with Orlando Pirates goalie, Senzo Meyiwa) is not the only result of the Senzo-Kelly’s controversial and highly publicized relationship, but the fall of Kelly Khumalo as well; and the latter probably over weigh all the scandals the unceremoniously ended relationship has ever encountered.

Last week Friday when I came across the copy of Drum magazine with Senzo and Mandisa gracing the front page of the magazine acting all lovey-dovey while glorifying stringent instructions of the cameraman or whoever the director of photography was to bring out the image of a “happy couple after all the storms”, I was not even tempted to take out my R20 to buy a copy but instead I was taken aback by the carefully selected editorial caption that is going to scream “buy me” on the shelves. At the end of the day, sales and circulation are of paramount importance, the same way my readership is important to me. It if gets me a lot of readership, why not tweak the angle and re-run the story? Don’t be fooled.

Kelly is portrayed as a promiscuous woman who tried in vain to ruin Senzo and Mandisa’s relationship-of which is not entirely true. In the media and again in the celebville, Kelly is seen as a woman who almost ruined Senzo’s professional career.

My concern is people seldom take time to measure the amount of embarrassment Senzo has brought unto Kelly’s career. Senzo himself did say Kelly should not be blamed for his marital woes with Mandisa. Long before Kelly was added into the equation, Mandisa and Senzo were already experiencing marital problems and it was Senzo who approached Kelly and to add salt to the wound, the man lied about his marital status.

That point of time post Jub Jub’s scandal and prior to Senzo’s arrival into her life, Miss Khumalo was doing perfectly fine. She was recovering well from the Jub-Jub saga, drugs and music wise she was back to topping the charts hence the The Best Female award at the SAMA’s last year.

Immediately after the SAMA’s, the media got wind of the controversial affair and everything went wrong; and before we knew it, Kelly, alongside her partner in crime sister, Zandi, handed themselves over to the Hillbrow police station and thereafter twitter went abuzz with Kelly tweeting in Bazalwane tongues.

Diva or no diva, Kelly is a human being and I can only speculate that all the scandals affected her negatively (spiritually, socially, physically and emotionally). Mind you, she slept in prison holding cells whilst pregnant. Perhaps it is only right to name her baby girl “Tingo- the rainbow” to symbolize the end of the storms and to mark the begin of the new journey.

While almost everyone was sympathetic towards Kelly who was on the road to recovery, the Senzo’s scandals have cost her all the public sympathies. Immediately after 5 months into their relationship when Kelly found out that Senzo was actually married and at the time Miss Khumalo was already pregnant, apparently Kelly pleaded with Senzo to go back to his wife, but he denied. But now it comes to me as if Senzo is ganging up with the world against Kelly.

But over and above, Kelly is also not innocent. She should also take blame for whatever scandal that transpired in the relationship and face the music.

Senzo’s parents never approved their son dating Kelly and for month Senzo has been defying his parents’ orders. How, then, are we sure that this Senzo ‘dumping’ Kelly is not some PR stunt partly aimed at pleasing his parents?

“This is not a platform to give every voice a chance to present itself. I’m not interested in absolute truth. My own analysis carries a lot of weight. Believe when you want to believe” (Mokgopo, T: 2014).

Aha! Senzo and Kelly Khumalo back together?

Kelly Khumalo

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka
Senzo loves his only current wife, Mandisa, but he seems to love gorgeous Kelly Khumalo even more.
“Dumped for her bump!”, “It’s over: How Kelly almost ruined Senzo’s life” and “Senzo dumps pregnant ‘home wrecker’ Kelly Khumalo to be with his ,Mandisa;” only one month after tabloid newspapers, magazines and blogs reported that the highly publicized controversial love affair between Kelly and Senzo is over, the current development contradicts the earlier media reporting and shows that Senzo and Kelly might still be exchanging under wear.

Move! Magazine reported that Kelly recently hosted a private baby shower believed to have been financed by estranged Senzo who was present at the event. According to the picture published in the magazine, Senzo and Kelly are seen passionately hugging each other.

If this rumour is anything to go by, this will definitely not sit well with Mandisa and Samuel, Senzo’s father, who couldn’t hide their excitements that Senzo had ‘dumped’ Kelly Khumalo.

Mandisa was quoted by the Sunday Sun newspaper as saying “I’m glad my husband is back home. I’m loving every moment. I’m grateful to God that he’s back with me and we’re together.”

Equally, Senzo’s father could not mince his words when bragging about the Senzo-Kelly’s ‘failed relationship’ while rubbing salt on Kelly’s wounds that she’s not welcomed in the Meyiwa family.

“Kelly thought she would waltz in here and we won’t see what she was doing because she is a celebrity. We will fight this until the last day. Senzo and Mandisa have been together before Senzo was famous. So we will stand by her (Mandisa) all the way,” Senzo’s father told Drum magazine.


However, both Mandisa and Samuel might have jumped before a drum roll as it has now emerged that Senzo and Kelly might be back together.


Kelly Khumalo says nothing.
But Kelly is playing the cards close to her chest. Since this whole affair became a public knowledge, she’s been pulling a “no comment” stunt, only leaving the media to speculate. As far as I’m concerned, Kelly has never hit back at her detractors, at least publicly.

Ngwana Rashaka poses a question.
Can we reach a conclusion that Senzo and Kelly are back together based on the allegation that Senzo financed the baby shower and that he was also present on the day of the event? I would like to point it out that the unborn baby has committed no sin to anyone. Therefore, it is within Senzo’s rights in his capacity as the father to continue doing what is best for the baby.

I cannot confirm whether Senzo and Kelly are back together but I can certainly report on those allegations. What if Senzo is just doing everything only for his unborn baby? If a man takes care of his baby does not inevitably mean that he and the baby’s mother are seeing each other, right? Or maybe Senzo and Kelly never broke up in the first place? Perhaps they did and later decided to mend the wall. At the end of the day, only the concerned parties know the undiluted truth. We can only speculate until we turn green.

Botswana’s Culture Spears break up?

Botswana’s Culture Spears break up?

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo
A word of mouth has it that Culture Spears, by far one of the largest traditional groups in the Southern Africa region, is heading for a split.
One of the founding members, Thembeni Ramosethleng, popularly known as Rra Mozara is due to release his own solo album soon. Kabelo Mogwe is said to be forming a new traditional group whilst the group’s selling voice, Magdeline Lesolebe-Mogwe is reluctant to continue contributing her vocal services to the group, according to reports.
It’s been three years since the group last released a traditional album. Last year I was tipped that someone who is privy to the situation said the reason behind that was because things we were not going well in the group.
However, Magdeline rubbished off the allegations as nothing but a blatant lie aimed at derailing the success of the group.
She was quoted in the Midweek Sun newspaper this past week as saying “that is just wishful thinking from other artists. Every business has enemies and we suspect ours are behind these rumours. The enemy is trying to destabilize us but that trick won’t work.”
Contrary to prior allegations, Magdeline said the group is still as united as ever and they are currently working on their 5th album due to be released in April this year.
In the newspaper, it is also alleged that Charma Gal is rubbing bellies with Mlesho (Lesego Lefatshe), Slizer’s ex-boyfriend. However, Charma Gal poured cold water on the allegations while blaming Slizer for spreading unfounded allegations about her.
“Slizer is an attention seeker who should rather be focusing on sorting out her personal life.
“I can only speculate that that the reason behind this speculation is borne out of the fact that we took Mlesho on our tour. Those who want to believe the rumour will still see us together a lot as I am working with him on something,” Charma Gal said.
Is not for the first time Culture Spears found itself in the break-up allegations. In 2006 and again in 2010 such rumours surfaced hence the group’s hit track “Re boile” in the Kuweletsana album.
Thembeni decides to go solo?
However, news of Thembeni, Kabelo’s best friend, releasing his own solo album cannot go unnoticed and probably carries a lot of weight in this whole affair. Over the past years Thembeni’s role in the group was becoming less significant.
The E ke Ntolo project that was founded by Culture Spears hardly gave credit to Thembeni. Just like Kabelo, Magdeline and formerly Jelinah Mokgwatleng, Thembeni also owns shares in Culture Spears; therefore, Thembeni partly owns the E ke ntolo project given the fact that Culture Spears resources and facilities were invested into the project to make it what it is today. But only Kabelo Mogwe is credited as the “Executive Producer” of the project, and not Culture Spears thus giving him the upper hand against all the members; which is totally unfair according to me.
The recent E ke ntolo vol 5 DVD did not feature Thembeni in the Rra Mozara comedy. In the previous four projects, Thembeni was the principal actor and he has helped brand the product. But now the storyline seems to be shifting as it has emerged that Thembeni is actually not Rra Mozara, but the step father to Mozara and now Mozara’s real father is up in arms claiming what rightfully belongs to him. Again, Thembeni faces relegation.
Jelina Mokgwathleng releases a solo album.
A former Culture Spears member, Jelina, affectionately known as Selonyana who resigned from the group in 2010 amid allegations of exploitation and underpayment is rumoured to be releasing her own traditional album. Two of my contacts in Botswana denied the allegation but my highly placed source in South Africa gave the allegations a nod. The picture that I saw that looked like a CD cover featured Jelina wearing traditional attire with the name “Selonyana” in the background. While still part of Culture Spears, Jelinah used to contribute in composing and song writing.
Kabelo’s new traditional group?
Although the Midweek Sun newspaper was not able to establish the name of the group by the time of going to press, the newspaper nonetheless confirmed that the new group does exist. Kabelo was the brain and voice behind all Culture Spears four title tracks, “Korone”, “Kulenyane”, “Khudu” and “Kuweletsana.” But to give the new group the holistic rhythm and sound it deserves, he will need the same voices as Thembeni’s and Magdeline’s.
What about Lydia Oile?
Make no mistake about it, Lydia is my favourite dancer and the energy she employs on stage gives Culture Spears songs a rhythm. She can also sing and her songs are ear-deserving but on her own, she will be lucky to sell 10 000 units especially under this climate whereby people resort to buying pirated music. Unlike her counterpart Magdeline, Lydia’s voice has, but lacks all the tenacity needed for the best selling artist.
And what will happen now?
Suppose the split rumours are a true reflection of reality, this will be the end of all the Culture Spears members but Magdeline. Simply put, all members will be committing a career suicide with Charma Gal only going to survive.
The truth is Charma Gal stands a very good advantage of surviving any storm that comes her way and she knows that Culture Spears is no match to her. The brand Charma Gal is known near and far and all because of Culture Spear’s resources.
E ke Ntolo was not supposed to be Charma Gal’s solo project but over the years the product was swiftly becoming synonymous to her; with Charma Gal leading all the title tracks of the previous five projects while contributing artists having one or two tracks to lead that rarely enjoy broadcast air times.
Anyway, let’s hope all is just a rumour and that there’s no need to panic even though the English books I read say: “where there is smoke, there is fire.”

Good news: Social grants increase, check by how much.

2013/ 14 2014/15
State old age grant 1 265 1 350
State old age grant, over 75s 1 285 1 370
War veterans grant 1 285 1 370
Disability grant 1 265 1 350
Foster care grant 800 830
Care dependency grant 1 265 1 350
Child support grant 295 315

Kenneth Mashaba set to return back to Generations?

Kenneth Mashaba set to return back to Generations?

Charismatic Seputla Sebogodi could be returning back to Generations. Picture:

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Generations has hinted out on the possibility of Kenneth Mashaba returning back to the SABC 1 leading programme.
The soapie wrote: “Could the King of Goons be back?

“They all come and go but the King shall remain. All hail King Kenneth Mashaba! …Well he seems to think otherwise…”
Kenneth was last seen on our screens in April 2011 following six full years on Generations after he made a grand debut with the then trophy wife, Dineo Mashaba-Dikobe-Tlhaole-Dlomo.

At the time of Kenneth’s exit from the soapie, Generations Head writer Chris Blomkamp was quoted in the media as saying:

“Kenneth is such a well-loved character, it would be ‘suicide’ to get rid of him. So no coffins or shootings. The opportunity will always exist for him to return. What we can say is that Kenneth may finally get what’s long been coming to him.”

They all come and go but the King shall remain

Seputla, equally, had only good things to say about his stay on Generations.
“I have a really wonderful working relationship with Mr Mfundi Vundla, whom I must thank profusely for allowing me to mesmerise with my character. When I told them what I wanted to do it wasn’t one of those ‘we will see you in court’ situations,” Tonight reported on 24 March 2011.

Kenneth Mashaba’s charm to rescue a sinking boat?
Over the past few months, concerned have been raised in the media about the soapie’s deteriorating standard. Nambitha Mpumlwana is also set to return to the programme, the move that left critics speculating that she was approached to come to the soapie’s rescue.


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