Generations is out, Skeem Saam is in!


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

As predicated, SABC 1 flagship soapie, Generations, is going off air for the duration of about three months to allow the production company to shoot new episodes. This after the actors of the most watched programme in the country downed tools amidst royalty and salary disputes. The production house retaliated by terminating the contracts of the striking 16 principal actors.

Generations will go off air from Wednesday 1 October 2014 until December. In the meantime, SABC 1 exhilarating property, Skeem Saam, that claimed a large audience share from its e-tv rival programme, Rhythm City, will be filling in the gap.


It still remains unclear as to whether the fired actors will be going back to work at Hanley Studios. The actors recently indicated that they are willing to back to work and pleaded with reluctant Mfundi to take them back.

Today South Africa enters into a last day of boycotting Generations by switching off their tv sets between 8-8:30 PM in an attempt to exert pressure on MMSV heavyweight, Mfundi Vundla. The call was proposed by COSATU Secretary General, Zwelinzima Vavi and was met with mixed reactions from South Africans.


Pictures: Just Curious

Winnie Ntshaba opens up about childhood.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Former Generations actress, Winnie Ntshaba (formerly Modise) who played the role of Khethiwe in the soapie has opened up about her childhood, education and dating.

Ntshaba, who is from Eshowe in Kwa-Zulu Natal explained that her childhood bears no trace of glitz and glamour. In fact the 39 year old actress and business woman said that life was difficult when growing up but because almost everyone was in the same state of poverty, she seldom took note of her suffering.

She has seen it all. The smooth and glowing skin you see today used to apply cooking oil in place of a body lotion. Ntshaba went further to tell Pearl of Zaziwa that her mother did everything in her powers to make sure that all her children go to bed on a full stomach even if it meant there is pap and Orange for supper.

However, for Ntshaba life was normal and everything made sense. It is only now that she is well off that she is able to comprehend how difficult life was when growing up

Despite everything, Ntshaba valued and worshipped education. She even vowed not to date until she’s done with her degree, although she reneged on her promise and met her first boyfriend while doing 3rd year and only 21 years.

Ntshaba became the third University graduate in her village and explained that she drew inspiration from the first two graduates, of which one of them happened to be her sister.

Currently Ntshaba is single following her highly publicized divorce from husband Thabo Modise and said she is not looking. With her job at Generations hanging in the balance, clearly she has a lot in her plate to worry about and dating is probably the last thing to ever cross her mind.

The two celebrity friendships I adore.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

They have stuck together through thick and thin. They have never allowed anything to come between them. Even when times were tough and people turned against them, they still portrayed a united front picture in the public eye.

They are not perfect. Their many flaws have been highly documented in the media. They have made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

To some certain extend it will take a great motivational piece of writing to convince people that these public figures are also good people. This is because the media has portrayed them as bad boys and girls and that idea has resonated well in the minds of many people.

I’m not praising their stupid mistakes nor encouraging them to continue with their diva antics and authoritarian actions, but I’m saying people could learn a thing or two from their friendships, especially loyalty.

Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu


Two former ANCYL power brokers; Malema was the President whilst Shivambu was his spin doctor. They always spoke the same language. When they attacked, they applied the same force, attacking their rival simultaneously. They left no gap for their enemy to occupy.

They were always on the same page. It just did not come as a surprise to me that both Malema and Shivambu resurrected in the political fraternity wearing red berets, sitting next to each other. It was also inevitable that Malema will lead the party in parliament while Shivambu is compensated with the equally high ranking position.

Malema 2

Malema told the media that some of his former close friends in the ANC lambasted him for forming the EFF and most importantly without consulting them first. He responded by saying he wanted to keep the idea discreet so that the enemy could find no leverage to sabotage his new project.

Whilst still in the ANC, Malema was very close to his predecessor, Fikile Mbalula. The two used to take on President Jacob Zuma and his allies at the ANC meetings. Malema even campaigned for Mbalula to be appointed in the party’s most influential position of the Secretary General.

Nonetheless, Malema apparently said nothing to Mbalula about the EFF but could trust his partner in crime, Floyd Shivambu with the idea. In parliament, Malema and Shivambu share the same desk.

Malema 1


Kelly Khumalo and sister Zandi

The Khumalo squared. They’ve been to hell together. They slept in the police holding cells for assault. You strike one woman, you anger all, ask Mandisa Meyiwa she knows very well.

Kelly Khumalo Arrested for Assault

Despite the fact that the two are sisters, Kelly and Zandi, to some certain extend, can be argued to be a very good friends. When everyone was judging Kelly and the media was quick to write her off, Zandi was there for her sister every step of the way.

She supported Kelly in many different ways. While Kelly was feeding her addiction with drugs and probably forgot that she had a small baby to look after, Zandi was there taking care of Christian.

Kelly Khumalo 1

Zandi supported Kelly during the Jub-Jub saga and most recent with the Senzo Meyiwa debacle. When Mandisa and Kelly exchanged words on Empire Road near the M1 last year August, Zandi could not sit back and relax. Instead she stepped in and helped the sister varam klap Mandisa.

Mandisa later reported the sisters to the Hillbrow police station and the two faced charges of assault. The Khumalo sisters are today having the last laugh as the case has been cancelled. Kelly was never shaken by the charges brought against her. Whilst in the holding cells she tweeted with tongues and later said “God will do what he said he will stand by his word, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. It won’t work!”


Pictures: google report images.


Karabo and Tau return to Generations?


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Amidst the ongoing struggle to exert pressure on Mfundi Vundla to reinstate the 16 fired Generations actors, it has emerged that the veteran actor who was part of the pioneering cast of the soapie, Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo will be re-joining Generations.

Connie played the role of not-so-happy-in-love Karabo Moroka while Rapulana was Tau Mogale. It is reported that Mfundi has his eyes on these actors in an attempt to rebrand the troubled soapie.

The Generations creator could not mince his words as he explained that the new Generations will feature none of the fired actors. Instead he opted for former Generations actors and packaged a great offer that is difficult to resist, as reported.

Karabo and Tau

Connie could not rule out the possibility of returning back to Generations when approached for comment. In fact, her words leave a room for one to argue that she would consider going back to Generations if approached to return.

“Oh my God, who told you that? Maybe they are still going to call. Never say never,” she told Sunday Sun.

The newspaper went further to report that the on-off Metro FM DJ, Bonang Matheba has also been approached to play the role of Dineo Mashaba, previously portrayed by seasoned Katlego Danke.

The Generations cast have recently indicated that they are willing to go back to work even though not all their demands have been met. It remains unclear at this stage as to whether Mfundi will take them back or not.


Connie left the soapie in 2010 apparently because she was no longer happy on Generations even though she disputed the allegations as she told the media that she wanted to focus on her business interests.

When asked about how her co-stars reacted to her resignation, she was quoted as saying “Sophie Ndaba told me not to do it. She wanted me to wait, so that we could do it together.”

But it seems fate has decided that the two experienced actors will forever take opposites roads especially where the Generations production is concerned. Sophie Ndaba has been fired whilst the possibility of Connie Ferguson re-joining Generations continue gaining momentum by day.

Sophie Ndaba

Why I support the ‘boycott Generations’ call.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

The call to boycott South African number one daily soapie, Generations, should be heeded to by all South Africans. The fired 16 actors are the oppressed and we should all rally behind them.

Desmond Tutu once said if an elephant has its foot on a tail of a mouse, and you say you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. I’m not neutral on this matter; I’m siding with the oppressed.

Last night I took a decision that I will not watch Generations. Instead I left my television on e-tv after watching Scandal! I feel proud of myself. The activism in me shouts, “you did great my boy.”

It was not an easy choice to snub Generations but I did it. This is because the talented actors I adore so much are still showing on television. But I looked at the bigger picture, those actors have been fired. They are no longer shooting with Generations. They want their jobs back and for those reasons I shall not watch Generations.

Whilst watching e-news, I was very touched by what Silindile Nodangala (Ruby Dikobe in the soapie) said. That’s when I knew I took the right decision not to watch Generations.

She explained that she would rather sacrifice everything in the interest of what is morally correct. She has two boys to look after, one is going to tertiary next year and only God knows what will happen to her family now that the mother is unemployed. Nonetheless, Silindile is adamant not to retreat.

Thato Molamu explained that the two per cent royalty fees have not been paid to them as per contractual agreement. The salary of Zenande Mfenyane (Noluntu), Anga Makubalo (MJ) and Mandla Gaduka (Choppa), who are arguably the lowest paid actors on Generations, is way too little.

In South Africa there’s a perception that teachers are the lowest paid professionals in the country but if you critically analyze the salaries of the three mentioned actors in comparison to that of the teachers plus their working hours, you’ll come to realize that teachers actually lead a better life than them.

And for those reasons, I took a decision that I shall side with the victims. It is only a right thing to do.

Who, in his right mind, fires a pregnant woman on a maternity leave? Let’s boycott Generations. Day two!!!!!!

Exclusive: He used to date girls but he’s now a gay prostitute.


Based in Johannesburg, *Mr Big claims to give the best sex ever with his 22 cm tool. But ladies, don’t get too excited; Mr Big only gets down with gays and charges R300 (a round) for his erotic service.

Whilst A re di fefere was conducting a research on homosexual prostitution, we came across his advert on a gay dating site. Curiosity got the better of us. We decided to contact him for more information about the sexual services he offers his clients.

He’s very prompt. In less than 10 minutes he responded back to our inquiry. He’s willing to talk to us only on a condition that we pay him plus we protect his identity. Agreed, we are not going to ask his name nor plead with him to provide a picture.

Mr Big also asks that we deposit at least ten per cent of the agreed price through the Shoprite money market counter and thereafter send him the details via a business email. This is to ensure that everything remains discreet and we never get to know Mr Big’s details.

“I don’t date gays. I only sleep with them in exchange for cash. Look at it this way, I run a business and gays contact me for sex. They do so willingly. We agree there’s no strings attached.

“I charge R300 a round, R250 for two rounds and R200 for three rounds. I only take up to 3 rounds. Alternatively we can have a full day/night service at a cost of R1000,” explained Mr Big.

Although Mr Big is certain of R1000 following a long night sexual service, however he told us that he seldom takes the all night offers because they pay less compared to one rounds that could give him about R1 500 with 5 different clients.

He also confirmed to A re di fefere that he has a very high sex drive and uses special pills to complement his libido.

gays 1

“One of my regular clients once told me that what he likes about me is that I’m not a quickie. He really has no complains about the money he pays me because I provide him with the best sex. He tips me on a casual basis.

“You’ll be surprised to find out how many gay men are out there. Experience has taught me that some men marry because culture dictates that they should take a wife but deep inside they are not straight. But not that I’m complaining, they are my clients and pay my bills. That’s all matters.

Not only do Mr Big and clients engage in penetration sex, but oral sex too.

“My clients are different. For example, married men who are curious about the gay world come to me for oral sex. We would only kiss and wank. They are just not interested in penetration sex.

“Gays would organize a three sum or an orgy and then invite me to their place. By that way, that pays too well. I would never say no to that!”

But the R300 Mr Big charges is not the only cost involved. If you want to use his service you should have your own place plus transport to pick him up.

“But in a situation whereby my clients don’t have own transport I take a taxi even though I prefer to be fetched by a car. But when it comes to accommodation I don’t compromise. You should have your own place.”

When asked if he doesn’t think he’s being unreasonable and asks too much from his clients, he responded, “my clients never complained. In fact some of them, especially the curious men, would book at a hotel just for my service.”

Mr Big tells that he does everything his clients require. His main objective is to satisfy “the bum that pays my bills.” Although he sleeps with homosexuals every day, he nonetheless argues that he’s straight and has a wish of marrying a woman one day.

“I would like to have a big family with the woman of my dream. What I’m doing now is purely business because life is difficult out there. Sleeping with gays does not define my sexuality.”

Even though he consents that his encounters with gays have evoked feelings for homosexuals, he remains steadfast that he’ll never have a serious commitment with a gay man.

“I used to date girls. That was before I realized that they contributed to my ongoing poverty because they would ask me for things I could not afford because of unemployment.

“Unlike girls who are stingy, gays are willing to pay for my service.

Although Mr Big declined to reveal his nationality, he nonetheless confirmed that he was a black man in his early 30s.

Sereto theto sa Ramadimetja Pleasure Peta


Go fola moyeng re fodile le metse o re agetše,

Ka malapeng a rena re dutše ka lerato le khutšo

Ruri ka nnete o mmago setshaba wena

Go tšwa maleng a Tjiane ga-Mphahlale, Bethlehem motse wa go nyatšega naledi e tagafetše

Ka šakeng la dipere, le ge nkare ke nyorilwe a go tlala morutlwana meetse ga a gona,

Eupša Kgošigadi e belegwe.

Ee, ke ra yena Boledi wa Ngoato,

Ke lekgalaka la Mogodumo ngwana lesoro la mare

Ga se moopedi wa manyalo feela,

Aowa, tša bo “seapea potsa ke yena yo, ga a na taba ke mosadi,” ga se tša gagwe

Tše dinaka ga se tša go rwešwa.

Ke Ramadimetja wa samma laela le Mosadi ke Lefotwana

Nnete gona tsela ebile ye telele.

Ke semumu sa ga mang se ka šitwa go hlalosa ka mabothakga a ‘Sadi o tsamaiša matepe?’

Sekgameetse mogolo wa Mepipi le Seatlantepeng o rathagantshitše masantase a bana bešu

Ha a! gape a go binwe go jewa leoto.

Nnete gona o modirela leago wa maphelo a rena.

Lesego la gago la dikoti marameng ke seka sa lethabo leo re nago le lona ka lebaka la melaetša ya gago

Bontši ba šegofala feela go no bona sefahlego sa gago

Ka nnete re holofetše, re tseba ge o ka rema gabedi gararo, ra fola moyeng.

A Modimo wa bo Aborahama a go di re ka botho le lerato

Kokeletšo ya matšatši a go phela e be monwana le lenala go wena.

Marato a mantši ke ao

Mpheng setsiba ke bineng koša ke re: Mošate!!!!!!


Ka Sereto theto re reta le go rweša dipataka mogale gare ga bagale. Re lebelela tše dibotse tšeo a di dirilego setshabeng. Ka fao, ke bone e le toka ebile go swanela gore ke ngwale sereto theto se ka seopedi sa go tuma kudu kudu go di fetiša ka moka sa mmino wa manyalo go tšwa Profenseng ya Limpopo, Afrika Borwa. Lebaka e le gore mmino wa seopedi se o ikgethile ebile o wa agiša go akaretša le go tlohleletša maitshwaro a mabotse setshabeng. Go fetiša fao, o raloka karolo ya bohlokwa go godišeng ga polelo ya Sepedi le go boloka dithokgola (leleme la Sepedi la dika le diema) tša borakgolokhukhu- Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

My 2009 grade 12 English essay, unedited.


If I were the President of South Africa, I would make this country a living paradise.

The ground we are standing on today need the kind of people who knows their game. This world is full of things that makes our planet not to prosper and in working together we can do.

Being a leader is about listening to people. What they want and what they don’t want and deliver on their needs and wants. A good leader show people the right way and be a good example by refraining from many things that may lower the dignity.

Being President of the country is what makes my blood boil. There is a lot of things that need to be done. Things that cannot be done overnight or by an individual but need the corporation of all citizens.

There is a high rate of crime in this country were people are no longer enjoying their right to movement. If you have to visit your relative, you have to employ a body guard to look after you. Where will people get the money to service their car and pay their body guard?

Another troubling issue is corruption. Corruption that is practiced by so called ‘the good leader”. Imagine what will happen if our beloved country become bankrupt? A country that is praised all over the country about it contribution to developing countries.

If corruption still take place, the investors will pull themselves back and we’ll always face recession due to lack of insufficient amount and inturn, we will be the one who ask for help from other country because of those people who call themselves “pro” in leading the country.


If I get the chance to prove myself as a President of this country, there is a lot of things that I would like to change for the benefit of all citizen. Things will be done people’s way, not mine as they are the one who experience challenges on daily basis.

If a person is caught doing crime, he will be put on jail until his hearing date come. If he is found guilt, he will be sent to jail for a given period. No parole, infact it should come to an end. As for murders they’ll live to rot in jail.

The people who should be involved in government must be academically educated, not because he is related to the leader or what. If a person is found guilty of fraud, he or she must face dismissal effective immediately without compromising or giving crooks another chance.

As for crime, I will increase the police forces and bring back scorpions. The foreigners come to our country and commit crime. The South African citizens should be protected from those kind of people by increasing policies and soldiers at the boarder and designing electrified fence that has more power than the one that we already have now.

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo. This essay, from when I was still fresh from Grade 11 and only 16 years at the time, does not only reminds me about myself but also demonstrates how much I have grown over the past 5 years. Some things are better kept safe for future use and this essay happens to be one of those.

Khomotjo Mojalefa leaves Muvhango.

Ramie Chuene

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Ramie Chuene, who plays the role of melodramatic and super bitch Khomotjo Mojalefa in the SABC 2 lead Soapie, Muvhango, will soon disappear from the programme, this after it has emerged that her contract would not be renewed and will not feature in the coming new season of Muvhango.

The Limpopo born actress claims to have learnt through the media that her role is no more on Muvhango. She told Sunday World that: “I’m hearing that I have been written out for the first time from you. They didn’t tell me. I know I finished shooting at the end of May, but my contract ran until August 31.”

She added: “All I know is that most actors’ contracts have ended and will be renegotiated when the season opens because we are on a break now.”

While Ramie argues not to have been formally informed about the disappearance of her character on small screens and the actress is still hopeful of having her contract renewed so that she could continue shooting with Muvhango, the programme’s publicity team could confirm to Ramie through the media that Khomotjo will soon exit Muvhango.

“Ramie Chuene’s exit is not an issue at all. Whether or not her exit is permanent depends on story ideas that the writing team come up with. She finished shooting about two months ago,” Muvhango publicist Amandla Ngudle told the newspaper.

Ramie a diva on set & hard to work with

Apparently Ramie and Khomotjo are cut from the same cloth; both are divas in their own rights. If the words of a prominent Sunday tabloid newspapers can be relied upon, then Ramie has been acting like a prima donna on set, accusing the producers of being unprofessional.

Sunday Sun reported in January that “last year she (Ramie) walked out of a shoot furiously saying crew members make her repeat scenes unnecessarily.

“Ramie throws tantrums on set. She’s always accusing producers of being unprofessional, telling them she doesn’t want to work with amateurs.”

“Does not want to work with amateurs…”

Perhaps it remains pertinent to ask that was Ramie rescued from all the trouble of working with ‘unprofessional’ and ‘amateurs’ by getting her contract not renewed?

An insider who is close to the situation alleged that Ramie does not get along with Muvhango’s long serving actress, Sindi Dlathu (Thandaza Mokoena in the soapie). The mole told the newspaper that “it seems she wants to take over the lead acting role. The way people see her on-screen is the way she acts on set.”

However, this was an allegation Ramie strongly dismissed as nothing but a blatant lie aimed at derailing her success in the entertainment industry.

Don’t worry, all is well.

Ramie remains unfazed and is steadfast that everything is still going well in her life and urges her fans to adopt the same mentality. On the day the news of her exit became public knowledge, she took to twitter to express her feelings.

“No need to panic about anything beautiful people. All is good!” she said.

Fans speak.

The “free ausi Khomotjo” storyline is now playing out in real life. Ramie’s fans have since taken to social media to articulate their messages of support.

Cebile Xulu: @RamiChuene Phela I’ll stop watching mina. U r the only reason I watch Muvhango.

Phathutshedzo Ratshilumela: Eish why mara? Muvhango uya difha huna Khomotjo mani (Muvhango is enjoyable with Khomotjo in the equation).

Prudence Mareologe Maroga: Ahhh then there won’t be a point of watching Muvhango, mxm this is just bad.

Patrick Marubini Maduwa: Mulandu ndi mini zwino nne ndo borea (What’s wrong now? I’m getting bored.)

Andiswa Mkhulisi: Wow! I like your character Khomotjo. Please don’t leave. Muvhango is going to bore me.

What you will miss about Khomotjo

  • She is a straight talker and has come to accept the label “diva”.
  • She’s full of tricks and knows how cook instant lies to save herself.
  • She is a go-getta and once she has made up her mind there’s no turning back for the Michelle Obama wanna be darling.
  • She’s that bastard you hate so dearly but always want to see her face.
  • She has made history in the SA television industry for rocking the same hair style for one full year.

The role of Khomotjo will fade away immediately after she’s released from prison and the diva realizes that there’s no cent in her name after she coughed up thousands in legal battle. The self proclaimed jozi celebrity will then leave for her village.


Picture credit: TV SA



Generations’ actors leak their salaries.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Generations’ boss Mfundi Vundla and the show’s producer, Friedrich Stark told the media on Friday that Generations actors are among the best paid actors in the industry with some of the cast members earning an average of R55 000 per month.

The MMSV productions, the company that produces Generations and the SABC have since lambasted the actors’ demands, saying what they are asking for is nonsensical and to some certain extend impossible in the context of South African economic climate.

But the actors of the most watched show in the country have retaliated, arguing that the public have been misled. In an attempt to get the public’s sympathy, the actors have leaked a document stipulating their demands and how much they are currently earning, the Sunday World reported.


Generations’ boss says the show will go on without the fired actors.

The lowest paid actors on Generations’ set are: Zenande Mfenyane (Noluntu Memela), Anga Makubalo (MJ) and Mandla Gaduka (Choppa) who earn an average of between R5 500 and R8 000 a week. In calculation, it means the three earn between R22 000 and R32 000 per month. The three demand that their wages be increased to R12 000 a week (R48 000 a month)

The newspaper also reported that Zolisa Xaluva (Jason), Slindile Nodangala (Ruby) and Thato Molamu (Nicholas) pocket an average of between R9 000 and R11 000 a week. In calculation, the three actors earn between R36 000 and R44 000 a month. They demand that their rates be increased to R16 000 a week (R64 000 a month).

It is believed that Thami Mngqolo (Senzo), Katlego Danke (Dineo) and Winnie Modise (Khetiwe) pocket an average of between R11 000 and R13 000 a week. In calculation, the three actors earn an average of between R44 000 and R52 000 a month. The three actors now demand they earn a wage of R20 000 a week (R80 000 a month)


Choppa is among the least paid actors on Generations.

Sophie Ndaba, the only original cast who’s been with the soapie since inception, is currently earning an average of R17 000 a week. In calculation, the actor earns an average of R68 000 a month. The darling of Generations now demands an increase of over 40% to her salary to an average of R30 000 a week (R120 000 a month).

The Generations fired actors are set to hold their own media briefing tomorrow. They are expected to respond back to the MMSV and SABC’s allegations at a media conference held on Friday. At the briefing, Mfundi said the door is still open for the actors on a condition they stop with their ridiculous demands and agree with the terms and conditions of the production company.

The Generations’ boss on Friday played a victim card claiming that the actors have betrayed him even though he’s been far too kind on them.


Pictures: City Press and TV Plus.



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